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Han Li secretly cursed, but he silently maintained the smile on his face. In order to maintain his image as a medicinal god, he had to act as if he had planned everything in advance.

Han Li’s calm appearance helped him deceive those who were present, letting them believe that the efficiency of the medicinal pill was within his expectations and making them feel more admiration towards him.

Sect Leader Ma smiled very cheerfully and lightheartedly, showing a sense of pride as if Han Li was already his subordinate. He was currently the one who was the most likely to gain Han Li’s support, and as a result, he laughed as joyously and freely as he did.

But not long after, the situation took a drastic change.

“Not good!” Zhang Xiuer cried out in fear.

“The black air on Uncle’s face is resurfacing.”

These words caused everyone to become startled. A few of them gathered impulsively around Elder Li to take a closer look at him. Elder Zhao was among them.

Upon hearing Zhang Xiuer, Han Li felt his heart pause momentarily, but he did not immediately join the crowed. Instead, he stiffly moved closer to the front of the bed.

Lady Li was a meticulous lady with a sharp perception, and she hurriedly called out for two juniors to move away from the bed and make room for Medicinal God Han so that he could make a diagnosis.

Han Li, seeing that there was a space near the bedside, calmly walked up to carefully investigate the situation.

Approximately after the length of time for half a stick of incense to burn, Han Li was positive that the poison had not been completely removed, leaving behind a faint and indistinct black air on Elder Li’s face.

Having reached the final verdict, Han Li slightly turned his head to glance at Zhang Xiuer, thinking that this young lady had made a fuss over nothing.

Han Li’s gaze contains a bit of disapproval that was discovered by Li Feiyu, who had been constantly staring at Zhang Xiuer. He returned Han Li’s glance, unwilling to allow Han Li to offend the goddess of his heart.

Han Li was speechless. It seemed that once Li Feiyu fell to the snares of love, he would value his beloved over his friends.

Han Li returned his composure and continued to scrutinize Elder Li’s condition, refusing to be nagged by a simpleton of a man who had been easily swayed by a woman.

Aside from the remaining black air on Elder Li’s face, the spots of poison on his body, upon reaching the size of a soybean, maintained their size instead of continuing to grow even smaller. Due to the remaining poison in his body, Elder Li still remained unconscious.

Seeing the current situation, Han Li knew that he might finally be able to use his backup plan and not have to worry about the lies he told. It was just the right time to demonstrate his own foresight.

“Fetch a basin full of clear water,” Han Li said with an unquestionable tone.

This time, the task did not fall upon Zhang Xiuer. Ma Rong rushed out

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