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Han Li lay reclined on the chair that Doctor Mo often sat on, and in his hand, he held a book that read Eternal Spring Arts Incantation” on the leather cover. The contents were indeed from one of the volumes of the Eternal Spring Arts Incantation. He read it with keen interest, engrossed by its contents.

Doctor Mo often held this book in his hands, reading it countless times without growing sick of it. This abnormal situation used to puzzle Han Li. But today, he found out the reason behind Doctor Mo’s strange action, which helped him understand that the doctor had not been looking for some method to maintaining his health, but rather he was trying to hardest to comprehend the Eternal Spring Arts Incantation! Doctor Mo had been unwilling to give up on his own inability to cultivate magic power. Instead of placing his complete faith in Yu Zhitong’s promises regarding Spiritual Roots, Mo Juren had continued to persist in his attempts to understand the Eternal Spring Arts.

Han Li discovered this secret volume in a secret compartment along with several other item. The book not only contained the first six layers of the chant he had cultivated but also another two layers that he has never seen before. This unexpected discovery caused Han Li to feel greatly excited.

Once Han Li knew that the he was cultivating a legendary technique that could call the wind and summon the rain, his thirst for cultivation grew.

After all, who doesn’t want to be an immortal deity!

When the sun was precisely in the middle of the sky, warm rays shone down through the broad skylight and landed on Han Li, who was reading comfortably, causing him to squint his eyes into thin cracks.

Han Li slightly lifted up his head to look at the skylight and felt that it was slightly dazzling.

He conveniently used the open book to cover his face and block the shining light of the sun.

Once he felt the blackness in front of his eyes, his heart felt more comfortable as he once again silently committed the seventh layer of the chant to memory.

He recently discovered that due to his continued use of medicinal assistance, he was about to reach a breakthrough in the Eternal Spring Arts into the seventh layer. The earlier he understood the next few layers, the more beneficial it would be for him when he broke through the bottleneck.

More than half year passed since the day Doctor Mo tried to forcibly seize his body.

Two days after the event, in order to cover up Doctor Mo’s death, Han Li personally wrote a letter imitating Doctor Mo’s handwriting saying that he wanted to return to his hometown to visit his family. Using Doctor Mo’s name, he passed on this letter to one of the sect’s senior disciples.

Within the letter, he shamelessly used Doctor Mo’s tone of voice, claiming that Han Li had succeeded all of Doctor Mo’s medicinal expertise and that he could substitute him in seeing and treating patients while Doctor Mo was on his long journey. The fak

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