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“Han Li, you are really flexible, knowing when to make compromises and concessions. However, letting you go? Do you think it’s even possible?” Doctor Mo sneered. Han Li was shocked at the sound of Doctor Mo’s voice

When Doctor Mo spoke, his voice contained faint traces of charisma, anyone who listened a sense of attraction and contentment. Compared to his previously bitter and insipid voice, this was totally different. It appeared that in comparison to his current looks, the beauty of his voice was not any worse off.

Surprisingly, this was the first time Doctor Mo ever called Han Li by his name. Although it does not mean anything much, it allowed Han Li to feel slightly appreciated as it was much much better than being called “little brat” every single time.

On the surface, one could not really sense any imperfections from the current Doctor Mo. Every single one of his movements was graceful beyond comparison. A handsome man indeed, there was no trace of the senile old geezer from back then. Han Li was sure that back in his youth, Doctor Mo relied on that face of his to dazzle countless females.

“So what on earth do you intend to do to me, just tell me directly.” Han Li was not a female and thus he was not affected by Doctor Mo’s handsome face. Furthermore, Han Li could tell from the previous conversation that Doctor Mo seemed to have no intentions of sparing him, and as such, there was no need for Han Li to leave him with any pretense of cordiality.

“What do I intend to do? HAHAHA!” Doctor Mo leisurely stretched his recently revitalized body, coldly smiling without any intent to answer Han Li while taking out another unknown object.

The unknown object was revealed to be a small holding pouch made from extremely fine silk. The glow reflected off of the silk was extremely radiant, just like the blazing flames of a phoenix. It was extremely eye-catching. Furthermore, the embroidery was exceptionally exquisite. One could certainly tell that this was no ordinary object.

What could this small holding pouch contain? Could it be another bizarre artifact just like the sinister blades from before? Asking himself these questions, Han Li felt curiosity grow within his heart.

Doctor Mo cut Han Li’s silent speculations short by quickly opening the pouch of holding. Following this, he cautiously drew out a rumpled piece of yellow paper.

Han Li was somewhat disappointed. However, he knew that the more ordinary looking an item is, the more difficult would it be for him to anticipate its uses. Caution arose in his heart as he became extremely focused. Thinking back to the incomprehensible events that happened earlier and seeing this seemingly ordinary piece of yellow paper, Han Li was sure that there were bound to be countless enigmatic mysteries behind it.

Doctor Mo gently held the piece of wrinkled paper between two of his fingers, carefully smoothing it with a serious demeanour. Han Li was now able to see that the piec

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