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Looking at Li Feiyu’s back as he walked away, Han Li quietly stood where he was, lost in contemplation.

After they had agreed to meet at noon the next day, Senior Disciple Li took the initiative to bid Han Li farewell, saying that he had to meditate to fully heal his injuries.

Even after speaking for so long, Han Li did not ask Li Feiyu why he had consumed the pill. Han Li knew that even if he had asked, it would be useless because things that already happened could not be changed.

From his observations, Li Feiyu was willing to forsake his future, just for a short 10 years of fame and glory. This probably meant that he had some underlying reason, which left him with no choice but to do so. No one would willingly commit suicide, so if Han Li really did question Li Feiyu, it would be like rubbing salt on his wounds.

Obviously, what Han Li did was correct. Before Li Feiyu left, when he saw that Han Li did not question him about why he was taking the Essence Extraction Pill, he was grateful for Han Li's consideration. Han Li knew that although Li Feiyu did not mention anything, he assumed that he owed Han Li a favor.

Han Li was prepared to fulfill his promise to Senior Disciple Li, so not only would he not spread the secret, he would also concoct the pain-relieving medicine for Senior Disciple Li.

The reason for him doing so was simple. Since Senior Disciple Li was not a vile person, nor did he really want to kill Han Li, Han Li thought that he might as well use this opportunity to increase the amount of favors that Senior Disciple Li owed him. So, in the future, Senior Disciple Li would find it hard to turn down his requests.

In the next few years, Li Feiyu’s martial skills would only exponentially increase as the Essence Extraction Pill burnt his life force, so he would be of immeasurable help to Han Li in the future. Even if Han Li would not need this favor, it wouldn't matter much. Being able to help a character like Senior Disciple Li still made Han Li feel happy. Although Senior Disciple Li may not be a good person, Han Li knew that after the events that transpired today, Li Feiyu wouldn’t jeopardize him.

Han Li ran the whole sequence of events that happened today through his mind again. It was only when he was certain that everything had been accounted for that he returned to God Hand Valley.

After he strolled back to the valley in a relaxed manner, Han Li began preparations to concoct the pain-relieving medicine for Senior Disciple Li. It was relatively simple for Han Li to concoct this medicine, as he could find all the ingredients he needed in the nearby medicinal herb garden. The only thing that was slightly complex was the concocting process. One must give it their full attention; if not, the chance of failure would be high.

After a busy afternoon, Han Li concocted a year’s supply of the pain-relieving medicine Senior Disciple Li needed. He did not produce more intentionally as he wanted Senior Di

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