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Yu Zhitong’s soul was stuck in the corner of the room, and just like a fly trapped in a sealed house, it could only randomly smash against the walls. Every time it thought it could escape, the dark liquid would force it back to its corner, causing it to be constantly weakened.

Even though his soul grew weaker because of Han Li’s repeated attempts at trying to cut him with his dagger, what really made him despair was the mysterious black liquid that was corroding his soul.

Since the moment the black liquid touched his soul, Yu Zhitong had felt his life essence trickle away, feeble and powerless.It also tore away at thelittle magic powerhe had left, which was even deadlier. This prevented Yu Zhitong from performing magic, causing his casted magic techniquesto fail repeatedly.It was as if he were completely restricted.

“Why are you trying to kill me? Why…?”

Faced with Han Li’s ruthless attacks, the ball of light that was Yu Zhitong released a howl filled with anguish, but Han Li did not care about Yu Zhitong’s unwillingness to die.

Not long after, Yu Zhitong became quieter as he gradually weakened until he was finally unable to emit a sound or show a hint of movement.

Seeing Yu Zhitong’s stillness, Han Li did not immediately stop his attack. Instead, he continued to observe the ball of light, which had dimmed until it resembled the weak flame of a candle.

After a while, Han Li gave a cold answer:

“I would never believe you, a person so despicable that you would easily and willingly swear a poisonous oath that condemned your family and ancestors to a gruesome death under Heaven’s wrath. If I did work with you, then I would be following Doctor Mo to his death.”

With a chilling glare, he gave Yu Zhitong’s flickering soul one last glance before turning around, and without hesitation, he swiftly pushed open the heavy door.

With the door thrown open, a few sharp rays of sunlight shot inside and landed on the globe of light. Upon contact with the the dying soul, the sunlight burned Yu Zhitong’s last remaining soul force, causing it to turn into a curl of smoke that promptly disappeared into the air with a “Pu!”

With this, the last of trace of Yu Zhitong was cleanly wiped away from this world by Han Li.

To say that Han Li knew that Yu Zhitong feared the light was not exactly true. He first thought of this idea when he recalled how Mo Juren, upon entering the room, quickly blew out several candles. If he did not remember this event then he would still be hacking at the globe of light to no avail, causing an immeasurable worry to arise in his heart.

AlthoughHan Li hadeliminated Yu Zhitong’s life essence with ease, he had prepared an extra tube of Seven Poison Water in advance in case his plan didn’t work.

Compared to the Five Poison Water, which Mo Juren took away from him, this second tube contained extra ingredients that greatly increased its potency. One of the added materials was the Flowered Mushr

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