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Another night passed. Han Li woke up at the crack of dawn and walked towards the medicine field. He wanted to observe whether or not the medicinal herbs had changed in any way.

Before he even entered the medicinal field, he could suddenly smell several rich medicinal fragrances.

Han Li was slightly dazed, but soon after, his mind stirred. “Perhaps it’s……”

He couldn’t help but increase his pace until he finally arrived in front of several medicinal herbs that were emitting an intense fragrance.

Were these the medicinal herbs from yesterday? Han Li didn’t dare to trust his eyes. Using his hands, he fiercely slapped his slightly drowsy face until the pain made him stop.

“The leaves of this Yellow Dragon Grass has some hints of purple, the Bitter Lotus Flower actually has flowered nine petals, and the skin of this Forgotten Sorrow Fruit has turned black, ha ha! Ha ha!” Han Li couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore. Usually, Han Li was calm and composed, but this time, he couldn’t help but laugh heartily while facing the sky.

“This time I came across a great fortune. These medicinal herbs only needed one night to develop properties that require two years of age. All of their appearances turned to that of herbs aged more than ten years. Seeing the color of the leaves, the shape of the fruit, and the petals’ fragrance…there are all qualities that belong to rare herbs that have already matured for quite some time.” Han Li carefully examined all of the medicinal herbs, confirming they were identical to those described in medicine books. They were truly rare medicinal ingredients that have been aged for a great length of time.

“If I can mature medicinal herbs with this method, how many rare medicinal ingredients will I have?! I can also sell the medicinal herbs that I don’t use. If that happens, how much silver will I make…?” Han Li was unable to restrain his excitement and started to let his imagination run wild.

Han Li’s thoughts further developed and he became more elated. He felt that he had truly picked up a treasure this time. All of a sudden, he somersaulted a few times. At this moment, he no longer maintained his normal calm appearance and expressed the excitement entirely like that of a normal 14-15-year-old adolescent.

After a while, Han Li had finally calmed down, and his brain recovered its sharp wit. He began to think of how to deal with the somewhat difficult problems that were brought by this huge meat pie that fell from the sky.

(TL: “huge meat pie that fell from the sky” is a Chinese idiom for a fortuitous encounter)

First of all, there seemed to be no problems with the external appearance of these medicinal herbs. However, he still had not tested their medicinal properties. After all, they only became like this after they absorbed that strange liquid. Who knew whether their internal elements were abnormal? Yesterday, he had seen those rabbits’ miserable demise with his own eyes. He still had

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