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Hidden within the depths of his heart, an icy chill slowly appeared and quickly spread throughout Han Li’s body, rousing Han Li from his stupor.

When Han Li became clear headed,the first thing he felt was an immense pressure in his head, followed by waves of pain across his entire body. He felt indescribably weak as one would feel at the onset of a serious illness, and he was unable to open his heavy eyelids no matter how much effort he expended.

Still feeling a bit dazed, Han Li managed to recall the events that occurred right before he passed out.

Han Li was struggling for control over his body when an immediate sense of panic flashed through Han Li’s mind, causing adrenaline to flood through him, sharpening his befuddled mind and allowing him to quickly assess the situation around him.

“Yi!” He exclaimed in shock as he realized that his mind had not been taken over by Doctor Mo. True, he could barely move his eyelids, not to mention the rest of his body, but the waves of pain spreading throughout his body told him clearly that he had regained control over his own body and that Doctor Mo had failed in his plans.

“Why did Doctor Mo’s plan fail? Did he do something wrong?”

Filled with surprise, Han Li was able to think of one plausible explanation for his current situation.

Barely containing the excitement within his heart, Han Li patiently waited for his body to regain some of its energy before he tried once more to open his eyes. After a short but strenuous battle he managed to crack open his eyelids to see the what was going on around him.

The first image he saw when he opened his mind was the sorry state Doctor Mo was in: his hair was all white, his face was thin, wrinkled, and haggard. It seemed like he was at least ten years older than he was before his youthful transformation. With this appearance, it was impossible to imagine him any older. His features seem to embody the meaning of the word “old,” and he was now simply a poor old man.

In front of Han Li, Doctor Mo’s eyes were wide open as he stared at Han Li with a look of unbridled terror.

Han Li himself was equally shocked, and his muscles immediately tensed. All sense of weakness left his body as the only thought that rang out within him was to make the first move and gain the upper hand.

Clearly learning from his previous lesson, Han Li was unwilling to once again fall under someone else’s control.

But afterwards, Han Li realized something strange. His opponent’s face seemed to be frozen in fear and there was no sign of breathing from Doctor Mo. It became apparent that he was dead and may have been dead for quite a while now.

Unwilling to let down his guard, Han Li continued to stare deeply, with eyebrows furrowed, at Doctor Mo’s facial features in search of anything that might give him away.

After a whole thirty minutes of careful scrutiny, Han Li was forced to admit that Doctor Mo was indeed dead for he did not hold any rese

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