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Han Li used his hand to feel the giant man’s body temperature while staring into his lifeless and inarticulate pair of eyes. Within his heart, he was trying to guess all the bitter experiences Zhang Tie had experienced.

Doctor Mo had most likely colluded with Yu Zhitong to kidnap Zhang Tie, a Way of the Armored Elephant practitioner, giving the false pretense that he left and tricking the numerous eyes and ears within the Seven Mysteries Sect. Then, they secretly used somekind of magic techniqueto remove Zhang Tie’s soul, causing his body to become as grotesque as it was now. The effects of their techniquewere similar to that of the backlash from cultivating the Way of the Armored Elephant.

Han Li’s guess was not very different from what had actually transpired.

After administering his test, Doctor Mo suddenly had the idea of combining the Way of the Armored Elephant with Yu Zhitong’s Corpse Refining Technique to create a group of subservient and powerful puppets that could sweep across Jiang Hu. However, he was only able to create this one soldier who Doctor Mo treated as his treasure. He usually kept the Iron Giant hidden somewhere at the bottom of the mountains, and the only time Doctor Mo took the Iron Giant out of hiding was when he returned to the mountain.

But Yu Zhitong was not the least bit interested in this dubious reanimated corpse; in fact, he even snorted disdainfully because when he still had his body, he had been capable of using Qi to deal with these kinds of reanimated corpses without much difficulty. In addition, this animated corpse was incomparable to the high ranked reanimated corpses of cultivators; as a result, it was only useful in the mortal word. The only positive side was that the materials were easier to gather, the process of refining was simpler, and anyone with a little bit of Internal Qi could use this technique.

After a while, Han Li removed his hand from the giant man’s face and turned his unsettled eyes away from his body. His gaze landed upon the destroyed stone door, his mind still in a daze.

In that moment, he felt his heart grow cold, not because of Zhang Tie’s situation but rather because of his own cold and detached attitude.

He originally thought that when he found out about his friends’ miserable downfall, he would furiously lift his head up and shout out, “Mo Juren! Yu Zhitong” with intense hatred.

But in actuality, aside from some sadness, his discovery did not stir up any fury, almost as if the one who fell under these circumstances was not his good friend Zhang Tie but rather a stranger who was not related to him in any way.

Was it because he knew that the Zhang Tie in front of him was only an empty shell and not the Zhang Tie he once knew? Or was it because his heart had become too cold?.

Han Li’s cold and detached behavior caused fear to manifest in his heart. He realized right then that he had changed too much to the point where he was foreign to himself!

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