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Han Li, who had been sitting still for half a day, suddenly raised his left hand and straightened one of his fingers, making him appear unfathomably mysterious.

But not long after, the space half an inch away from his erect fingertip suddenly fluctuated, and several small sparks of fire appeared. When the sparks first appeared, they immediately made a “ZiLa” sound as they twisted and turned in the air to form a walnut-sized ball of red flames. Although this fireball was not big, a blistering heat emanated from this small ball of fire, permeating the entire room.

As Han Li reclined, his face was still covered by his book. He appeared to be asleep, if not for the fact that the small fireball at the tip of his finger continued to release “ZiLa! Zila!” sounds of high temperature combustions. This, coupled with his unmoving fingertip, made Han Li appear particularly eye catching.

As minutes inched by, the fireball continued to maintain the same vigorous energy, not revealing any hint of being extinguished. However, Han Li eventually shifted. The finger he used to support the fireball started to tremble slightly. The trembling from his finger grew to affect his wrist, then his entire arm. Soon, even his whole body started to tremble.

Abruptly, Han Li sat up on the armchair, not even aware that the book had fallen away from his face and onto the ground.

His two eyes stared unwaveringly at the fireball on his fingertips, his face red from holding his breath. From his forehead to his neck, his exposed skin revealed many small beads of sweat, appearing as if he had just finished performing some intense exercise that made his body overheat.

After a short while, the fireball started to sway alongside Han Li’s intense rocking. The floating flame would be large in one moment, then small in the next, unable to maintain a constant state. Not long after, it became small once again. The flame shrank into a spark and dissipated into thin air.

Once the fireball disappeared, Han Li felt like a man who had his backbone removed. His fireball had greatly consumed his energy. Extremely drained, he reclined his body once more on the chair.

“This Fireball Technique is vexing to train in! Even though I’ve researched this technique for half a year, I’m still unable to have complete control over it! The most I can manage is extend its duration by a little bit.” Talking to himself, Han Li stared at the ceiling.

It turned out that the last few pages of the Eternal Spring Arts Book contained several magic techniques. At first glance, it was evident that these were beginner level techniques for cultivators who just entered the sect. Since all he knew was the Eternal Spring Arts Incantation, this made Han Li feel like he obtained a treasure, and for several consecutive nights, he was unable to sleep due to his excitement.

Since he had witnessed firsthand Doctor Mo using a few of the magic techniques, it was no surprise that he would be thi

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