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Han Li looked at Li Feiyu’s domineering face with respect and remained silent, not knowing what to say.

Suddenly, Li Feiyu’s imposing air was abruptly retracted, returning him back to his jovial self. He suddenly winked his eye at Han Li and loudly said:

“What do you think? Wasn’t my imposing air realistic? Wasn’t it overflowing with such an air of dominance, a formidable quality, that it made you admire me to the point of prostrating yourself in admiration, immediately resolving your heart to vow your loyalty and devotion to me?”

Hearing these arrogant words, Han Li couldn’t help but laugh bitterly because he was actually moved by the Li Feiyu’s resolute words. However, Li Feiyu’s last words immediately reverted him to his true colors.

Han Li harshly stared at him for a short moment and gnashed his teeth together before saying, “Formidable character? I see you’re more like a coward!”

Li Feiyu did not mind this harsh criticism; instead, he started laughing loudly in a very carefree manner, apparently very happy that he could manipulate Han Li in this way.

However, Han Li slowly recovered his composure, and while Li Feiyu was still laughing, he indifferently said:

“I have already reminded about your predicament, which you clearly understood. Now, I will solemnly ask you once again. Would you be willing to dispell your martial arts? If you do, I might still be able to prolong your life for a few more years, enabling you to live with Zhang Xiuer for a longer period of time. Will you truly not consider this option?”

Li Feiyu’s laughter suddenly choked to a stop. His face deepened and his eyes fiercely pierced into Han Li, who closed his mouth.

But Han Li’s expression remained the same and did not falter in returning his gaze.

After the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, Li Feiyu retracted the penetrative gaze from his eyes. His complexion returned to a much better state.

“Han Li, I have already told you that I will definitely not consider voluntarily discarding my martial arts. I know that you are looking out for me, but don’t mention this again, alright?” he said with a unyielding attitude. His words containing a beseeching tone.

“Moreover, do you think that Zhang Xiuer will be able to look up to me if I became a mediocre person without the strength to even win against a chicken?” Li Feiyu asked with a mocking tone.

Han Li was speechless. He turned his head to one side, and his eyes followed the small road that Li Feiyu had come from. After calmly looking around for a moment, he opened his mouth to say:

“Since you have already made your decision, then I will no longer try to persuade you otherwise. Hurry up, you should leave right now; hopefully, you and Lady Zhang Xiuer can become ahappy couple.”

At Han Li’s words, Li Feiyu’s face was immediately covered in a smile. He strongly patted Han Li’s shoulder several times.

“Good, brother, these are the kinds of words that I love to hear.

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