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Yu Zhitong was very confident he could sway Han Li since he did not believe that there was anyone who could resist stepping onto the path of cultivators and the temptation of immortality.

He thought back to how Doctor Mo hated him but still ended up working with him and even occasionally tried to get on his good side, believing this would make Yu Zhitong more submissive.

Much to Yu Zhitong’s disappointment, after Han Li heard his enticing promise, he did not reveal even a hint of excitement, his face remaining as impassive and unmoving as ever.

“As for the matter of cooperation, we can discuss that later. Right now, I still have one question that I hope you would provide me with a clear answer.“ Han Li said softly as he calmly stared at the ball of light.

“If I answer this question of yours, then you will be willing to cooperate with me?”

“That depends on your answer and if it is to my satisfaction.”

“Okay, ask away!” Yu Zhitong promised immediately and demonstrated his understanding of the concept that ‘one must learn how to yield under pressure’.

Han Li did not immediately answer, but instead raised his head up to the ceiling in a contemplative matter as if he were thinking deeply about how he should phrase the question.

Seeing Han Li’s solemn face, Yu Zhitong couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear creep up within his heart as he himself wondered what kind of headache-inducing question Han Li would ask him.

“I want to know if there are any negative side effects from devouring Doctor Mo and a portion of your own soul because I currently feel a pain in my head almost as if it ‘s being filled to the point of exploding with information that I am unable to recognize,” said Han Li, finally mentioning the one worry he had since he had woken up.

After listening this question and realizing that Han Li was worried about such a small problem, Yu Zhitong immediately felt unease in his heart dissipate, and even his voice lightened up.

“Hehe! So you were worried about this. Well, little brother, you worry too much. In fact, you don’t need to put this matter at heart. If you really want to know, the information you feel stuffed into your brain will slowly disappear within a year or two, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

“So what you are saying is that the things I swallowed are absolutely useless and that I am completely unable to hold onto them? I don’t trust you on this,” Han Li said coldly as he glared at the Yu Zhitong with traces of suspicion evident on his face.

“Saying that you can’t even hold onto a bit of it is not actually true, but what you can hold onto is indeed only a small portion of it,” Yu Zhitong quickly added onto his explanation out of fear that Han Li would misunderstand something.

“For example, you will be unable to touch the included memories, experiences, and emotions, and even if you did absorb them, there is a high chance that you will instantly become mentally c

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