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Looking at the rabbits in front of him, he saw that they were still growing bigger and bigger.

Han Li had at last realized that something was wrong, and suddenly remembered something. He looked at the porcelain bowl in his hand like a snake and threw it to the side by the medicine field. He then turned around and took to his heels, running straight away from the rabbits for more than ten meters before stopping.

Just as he thought of looking back, one after another, two sounds simultaneously exploded over. Han Li shuddered and turned his head for a look. As expected, each of the two rabbits had turned into a bloody carcass, exploding into several chunks. Flesh and blood were scattered on the ground, covering a patch of grass with a blanket of blood. Two pits appeared in the places where the rabbits had been originally tethered to. Surrounding the pits were the rabbits’ messy remains. Bloody chunks of meat sprinkled the ground, creating a spectacle too terrible to observe.

Han Li let out a breath and sat down on the ground. He feared that if he had not reacted quickly enough at that instance, he would’ve been caught in the explosion. Although he might not have been seriously injured, having hisentire body drenched in rabbit blood and dregs of meat would not have been a pleasant affair.

Waiting until after his heart calmed down, Han Li stood up and walked over to the pits.

After seeing the mutilation at the site, he took a look at the shattered porcelain bowl by the medicine field feeling speechless.

Han Li originally believed that he would have discovered the green liquid to be some sort of panacea, but he didn't expect it to be such a frightening thing. Poison was poison, but it made the rabbits die so tragically! No matter what he said to himself, he could not pass this off as a trick. It was far too frightening! Han Li was not unfamiliar with deadly poisons. Under Doctor Mo’s several years of instruction, Han Li was experienced with many poisons capable of delivering an instant death, but none of them were capable of killing a man so terribly.

After a while, Han Li regained his composure. Keeping his head calm, he made plans to depart from the medicine field.

Because it was soon going to be noon, he had to deliver the secret medicine to Senior Disciple Li. As for everything here, he would deal with it once he finished delivering the medicine.

With these thoughts in mind, Han Li didn't bother taking another look at the scene of the explosion, leaving all these troubles behind for later, and returned to his residence. After resting for a moment, he went and brought the medicine to the entrance of God Hand Valley.

Han Li was very punctual. He arrived at the entrance just as noon arrived, but Li Feiyu seemed to have already been there for a while now, anxiously waiting for him.

He was waiting alone at the valley’s entrance, wearing a white embroidered robe. However, he still carried along the saber that

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