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It was obvious that Sect Leader Ma sensed the pair’s animosity. Not only was he not worried, his face revealed a hint of a cheerful look.

“Even though young Doctor Han is of a young age, his medicinal skills can be said to have reached perfection. I believe that under Doctor Han’s care, Elder Li can rise from the brink of death,” he suddenly said, praising Han Li’s medicinal abilities.

“Really? With him being so young, is his medicinal expertise that exceptional? Well, I don’t really believe you. Don’t tell me that his medicinal knowledge is even better than Doctor Mo’s medicinal knowledge!”

After hearing these words, a few family members became at a loss, unsure of what to do.

They didn’t want to place Elder Li’s fate in Han Li’s hands, nor did they even hope that this little medicinal god could cure the poison and save his life!

To open their mouths to refute Elder Zhao’s words also did not seem appropriate; the party in question was Elder Li’s friend and also an Elder in the Seven Mysteries Sect.

“Hehe! Elder Zhao is not aware that little Doctor Han is Doctor Mo’s proud disciple, and his medicinal expertise already far surpasses that of Doctor Mo.” Vice Sect Leader secretly smirked, adding firewood to the fire.

“Even if this little boy of about years of age started learning when he was still in his mother’s womb, how exceptional can his medicinal expertise be? I still won’t believe you unless I personally see it with my own eyes,” said Elder Zhao, shaking his head like a palm-leaf fan. He was still unwilling to directly criticize Han Li and thus fall under Vice Sect Leader’s trap by offending someone whom he shouldn’t have offended. Elder Zhao might have seemed like a rude and impetuous individual, but regardless of his attitude, he was not a fool who would rashly insult another member of the sect without confirming the identity of the person he was judging. After all, he had been able to hold the high status of an Elder and maintain this position.

In response,Han Li rolled his eyes, thinking to himself, 'Why do I need to prove to you whether my medical skills are good enough?' He knew that Sect Leader Ma intentionally drew out this response, but Han Li still felt a bit depressed.

It was very apparent that this Elder Zhao and Sect Leader Ma were not of the same faction and even had a bit of a hostile relationship.

“The Mixed Circular Palm that Elder Zhao practices in has been trained to perfection. Its might is boundless!” Sect Leader Ma said. Seeing Han Li look displeased with Elder Zhao, Sect Leader Ma felt the joy within his heart become even stronger, making him uncontrollably cry out random and strange phrases.

“Heng! How can it compare to Sect Leader Ma’s highly polished Mysterious Yin Finger?” It seemed that Elder Zhao did not care for the other’s identity as a Vice Sect Master. Deadpanned and with no traces of politeness, Vice Sect Master Ma retaliated with a phrase of his own.

“Haha! E

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