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“Yu Zhitong, I just want to remind you again that if anything happened to me, you won’t be any better off.”

“You know that your soul won’t last long in its current state and that you depend on me to help you look for a new body. So if there is anything you want to say, say it now while there is still time. I will not be angry unless it turns out you failed to tell me some crucial knowledge” said Doctor Mo as he was unwilling to give up any attempts at trying to pry out hidden information from the mysterious youth.

From these words, it becomes evident to Han Li that Doctor Mo was in fact very afraid of Yu Zhiyong doing something at the final moment that would cause his downfall and was looking for more reassurance that his plans have not been tampered with.

In response to Doctor Mo’s words, Yu Zhitong, who fully understood the risks involved with harming Doctor Mo, replied smoothly, “There is no point in me tampering with your plans, and if I do then may my family suffer heaven’s retribution.”

"Besides, after using theSeven SoulDevouring Technique, at the price of your fundamental essence, you would temporarily receive a certain amount of magic power, enabling to use a few simplespells; but your existence now is currently that of a soul, once your fundamental essence is used up, are you sure you could still execute such a spell?” After Yu Zitong swore a venomous oath against harming Doctor Mo, he prodded at his weaknesses and leaving no way for Doctor Mo to back out.

Although Han Li wasn’t religious, listening to their dialogue made Han Li pray silently to the Heavens that Doctor Mo would give up his evil plans. It seems like a ridiculous thing to do, but it was the only thing he could do.

“Okay, I will use what I trust and ignore what I don’t. Since there are such great benefits, it is only natural that there would be some risks,” said Doctor Mo after making up his mind.

Hearing this, Yu Zhitong seemed quite happyand excitement appeared inhis words.“See, that is the correct mindset. Think about it. You were originally a mere mortal without spiritual roots, unable to step onto the path of immortality. But if this plan becomes a success, that will no longer be the case! With your new body and powerful spiritual foundation, any large sect or clan would beg for you to join. Not only that, your body would be immune to sickness and death, allowing you to live five times as long as a normal mortal!”

“Haha, then I will trust you on this matter. Do not worry, I, Mo Juren, am a man of my words. What I say will most definitely be done. Once I am successful in this endeavor, I will immediately help you find a suitable body with a strong spiritual foundation. I promise you that I won’t let you down, Little Brother Yu.” After listening to Yu Zhitong’s promises, Doctor Mo initial worry was gone as he took up a kinder tone, addressing Yu Zhitong with close familiarity.

“Then if that is the case, I thank Big Brother Mo. After

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