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Once both parties were about to make contact, Han Li slightly moved the edge of his dagger. The blade’s angle had only shifted slightly, but in Doctor Mo’s eyes, his whole world had turned into chaos due to this seemingly minuscule but earth-shaking change.

The small light reflected on the dagger’s edge suddenly gave rise to a dozen extremely dazzling white balls of light. The radiance was incomparably intense, and Doctor Mo could not stop it from shining directly into his eyes.

“Not good.” He secretly cursed in his heart as he hastily retreated backwards, immediately shutting his eyes. But by then, it was too late. The white light had already entered his eyes and prevented him from attacking.

In that instant, Doctor Mo felt his eyes heat up, and his eyeballs began to ache incessantly. Tears dripped down from his eyes without restraint, and he had no time to wipe them away. He endured the discomfort with much difficulty and strained to open his eyes, but all he could see was a vast expanse of whiteness; even an object’s silhouette appeared like the layers of a mirage, fuzzy and indistinct.

He instantly felt angry and frightened. Because of his own carelessness, he regretfully fell for his opponent’s crafty trick once again.

However, Doctor Mo had traveled the country for a long time and thus had plenty of experience in handling various kinds of dangerous situations. He continuously retreated several steps backwards to try and gain some distance away from Han Li and buy himself some time to recover. Simultaneously, he withdrew his palms to the front of his body and waved them relentlessly. Relying on the invulnerable Demonic Silver Hands, he protected the crucial areas of his upper body.

He had already decided that before his eyes recovered, he would not take the initiative to attack. Any offensive attack would have to wait until he could see clearly again before making a move. Doctor Mo was aware that he was yet again caught within the brat’s trap.

Currently, Doctor Mo’s contempt for Han Li had disappeared from his heart. The level of danger in his struggle against Han Li was not inferior to the life-and-death battles against formidable opponents from his earlier years.

Even though he could not see Han Li’s movements, Doctor Mo twitched his ears and listened with rapt attention, trying use his sense of hearing to determine Han Li’s next move.

Suddenly, Doctor Mo vaguely saw a shadow flash by. Shortly after, there was a sharp noise and a surge of cold wind coming from his front.

Doctor Mo did not panic at Han Li’s attempt to assassinate him; instead, he was delighted. Han Li’s strategy was somewhat naive. If Han Li had silently hid at one side to mount a sneak attack, Doctor Mo would have truly been worried. However, there was nothing to fear from a bold frontal attack. He had already trained his hearing to the point of perception, able to distinguish between the sound of wind, a thrust of a dagger, and an

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