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Upon entering the house, Lady Li smelled a strong odor and saw Sect Leader Ma and Elder Qian sitting cross-legged in front of the bed with their eyes closed and in the process of harmonizing their breathing.

In the space between the two people, a basin of black blood emitted a horrid stench

According to Han Li, their faces were a bit pale due to the large amount of energy that they had expended for the sake of treating Elder Li.

Lady Li’s heart was suddenly filled with gratitude towards the two men.

Although she did not know any martial arts, from what she had just seen and heard, she knew better than to bother the two people and quickly slowed down her steps, lightly approaching the front of the bed and looking towards the person lying in the bed sheets.

She only saw Elder Li sleeping soundly on the bed. The painful look between his brows had completely disappeared, although his face still looked greenish-yellow. The black Qi was gone, and the poison spots on the body also disappeared, leaving behind tiny scars that were nearly invisible to the human eye.

Seeing that the poison had almost been completely removed, Lady Li couldn’t help but cry out in joy

A moment later, she wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes. She remembered that she should go back and thank Han Li again, and thus she promptly gathered herself and quietly walked back to the living room. Once she stepped out of Elder Li’s room, she was immediately surrounded by people who assaulted her with rounds of questions that never ended, so she did not have the chance to see Han Li.

She couldn’t help but be surprised at the fact that Han Li was absent, so she hurriedly asked Ma Rong and the other people where he had gone.

After listening to their reply, Lady Li realized that Han Li had prescribed a rejuvenating drug before leaving nimbly excusing himself, not staying a moment longer.

After hearing this, Lady Li was speechless for quite a while, but within her heart she had already made a firm decision. She decided that once Elder Li’s body recovered, the couple, husband and wife, must personally pay a visit to Han Li and give a large sum of money in thanks for saving Elder Li’s life.

Lady Li did not notice that within the room, aside from medicinal god Han Li, there was another person missing. Li Feiyu had left instead of staying around Zhang Xiuer like a constant shadow

On the side of some obscure small road, Han Li, who had recently left Elder Li’s house, was laying on the grass with his hands under his head, relaxing under a lush and dense tree.

Just when he had finished counting to a thousand, a black shadow suddenly pounced on his body. He became very aggressive, as if he was deeply annoyed by the disturbance.

“Hey! Stop messing around! How come every time we meet, you always try to jump me? I’m not Zhang Xiuer!”

After Han Li finished speaking, the black shadow nimbly turned around in midair, landing on Han Li’s

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