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After walking a long way from the mountain region, Han Li could still hear the voices discussing how to settle Fatty Wang and Zhang Chang Gui’s dispute. However, Han Li decided not to concern himself about the matter anymore.

Whenever he thought Little Abacus’s dumbstruck expression, he could not help but laugh out loud. His small excursion outside the valley had indeed lifted his spirits, and he was no longer as depressed as before.

He ventured out of the forest and walked straight ahead. A small creek appeared at the end of the path.

Han Li inclined his head upwards and looked at the fiery hot sun before lowering his head to avoid the glare and to drink some water from the creek. He felt that taking a bath right now would not be a bad idea.

As he bent downwards, with both of his hands entering the cool creek water, a voice filled with pain suddenly sounded out and reached his ears.

Han Li was surprised. To think that there would be people in such a remote region.

Following the sound of the voice, Han Li wandered upstream and found a person wearing a disciple’s robe lying on the ground, his body convulsing while his limbs flailed about.

The moment Han Li saw the person, he knew that the disciple was suffering from an acute illness, and if he didn’t help now then the disciple's life would be at risk.

Han Li rushed over and took out a wooden box from his robes. From the wooden box, he drew out silver needles that seemed to reflect light as he pierced them into the acupoints on the disciple’s back.

After he was done with the acupoints on the disciple’s back, he turned the body of the disciple around and began to work with the acupoints located on his chest.

When he turned the disciple’s body over, however, Han Li sucked in a deep breath. He was shocked beyond measure. This person… this person, who was flailing about just now, was none other than the Senior Disciple Li that participated in the battle earlier!

Stunned, Han Li could only gaze at the facial features of Senior Disciple Li.

The current Senior Disciple Li did not have the air of a peerless expert at all. There was no heroic demeanor to be seen anywhere, only a cold face full of pain and suffering as his features contorted together and white foam leaked from his mouth. It was obvious that Senior Disciple Li was suffering from too much pain to bear, and he was almost to the point of being unconscious.

Han Li regained his calm as he muttered to himself. Akin to flowing water, Han Li’s hands begin to prick the acupoints on Senior Disciple Li's body continuously with over a dozen needles. When he finished piercing the final needle, Han Li wiped the beads of sweat that had formed on his forehead and released a breath. The usage of the silver needles and the strength needed to pierce each acupoint exhausted a huge amount of energy from him.

After Senior Disciple Li’s body was riddled with silver needles, he finally woke up and regained co

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