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Doctor Mo did not have many happy days. The Mortality Decimation Curse revealed its deadly side effects, causing him to age at the rate of one year for every passing day.

He was terrified at the rate he was aging and tried everything to find a way to control the abnormal effects of the curse, but there was little to no success.

He knew that if this continued on, he would not live for much longer, as his body would begin to fail him and he would eventually die like any other old man. Yu Zhitong, on the other hand, was in even more pain. When his soul entered Doctor Mo’s body, it was slowly but painfully being assimilated into Doctor Mo’s soul.

Assimilation, a passive event, would occur if one’s soul remained in a foreign body for a prolonged period of time. Since one body can contain only one consciousness, the stronger soul would try to subdue the weaker soul, thus beginning the long process of assimilation.

Yu Zhitong decided out of desperation to reveal everything he knew concerning why they wanted Han Li’s body. He was reluctant to do so not because he was good at heart or loyal to Doctor Mo but rather because he was fearful of the cultivation world’s Three Big Inviolable Rules.

First, cultivators must not forcefully possess the bodies of normal mortals as they were unable to withstand the immense amount of stress, causing the body to ultimately burn out.

Second, only those with greatermagic powerwill be able to successfully overtake the body of a cultivator with weaker magic powerand not suffer from any form of counterattack. The greater the disparity between the levels of power, the safer it would be for the the one attempting the possession.

Third, a cultivator is only able to perform body possession once in his entire life, no matter how powerful their magic poweris. If they were to attempt to perform body possession a second time, their soul will perish without fail.

Although the number of people who tried to break the three rules is unknown, the Three Big Inviolable Rules have never been broken. These threerules limited countless evil cultivators who tried to use the body possession technique and prevented them from creating calamity in the mortal world. The Heavens frowned upon actions that go against Heaven’s Will because no matter what, the Heavens would not allow cultivators to throw the world into chaos.

If Doctor Mo had been a cultivator, Yu Zhitong would not be in his current predicament as he would have had a viable chance at possessing Doctor Mo’s body but since Doctor Mo was a normal mortal without a hint of Spiritual Qi, there was no way for Yu Zhitong to possess his body for fear that halfway through the possession, Doctor Mo’s body would be unable to handle the stress and ultimately break down.

Even if Yu Zhitong was able to find another body to possess, the process of assimilation was inevitable and he might fall under a more dire predicament as every time he leaves and enters a new

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