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With a slight surprise, the old woman asked, “Marquis Nanlong has ties with the Heavenpeak Sect? Fellow Daoist Yun, you didn’t mentioned this matter before!” As for the tan cultivator, he appeared furious.

The white-clothed old man surnamed Yun smiled and calmly said, “I didn’t mention the matter? You just carelessly overlooked the matter. However, Marquis Nanlong truly hasn’t yet entered the Heavenpeak Sect. If you are feeling worried, you can join my sect and become elders. That way, the Heavenpeak Sect won’t be able to touch you!”

The old woman coldly snorted, “Given my age, I have no interest receiving further constraints.”

The tan cultivator frowned and indifferently said, “I am accustomed to being without responsibilities and also have no interest in joining your sect.

“That is truly a pity! If you were to join our Ghost Spirit Sect, our prestige would soar,” the old man didn’t mind their refusals and changed the topic, “I won’t insist on having you two join. So long as Marquis Nanlong is killed here, the Heavenpeak sect won’t take the initiative to make any trouble on behalf of a dead man. It is just unfortunate that despite being friends with him for a hundred years, he hadn’t told me his intentions with regards to Devilfall Valley. I only knew that there was a secret cave residence here and that there was a map of Devilfall Valley that was left behind by Master Cang Kun. As such, we won’t exterminate his Nascent Soul when we capture him. I will first use a soul scouring technique and see if he possesses any useful information.”

Wang Tiangu worriedly said, “If by chance the map was in the box that Youngster Han made off with, wouldn’t we be helpless?”

Old Man Yun slowly said, “That can be dealt with. If this comes to happen, we’ll leak this matter to all the sects in the Heavenly South.When that time comes, even the Heavenly Dao Alliance will wish to pursue this matter, let alone the Righteous and Devilish Dao, creating an opportunity for us to profit in the chaos. Let’s see how a sect as trifling as the Drifting Cloud Sect deals with the greed of wishing to monopolize the gains from Devilfall Valley. In addition to the map, I am also interested in any information Marquis Nanlong may have on Devilfall Valley. With this information, we’ll be a step ahead even if the method of entering Devilfall Valley became widespread.”

After a moment of thought, Wang Tiangu proposed, “If it somehow turns out that way, that will be all we can do. But before that, he could try trading for the map. After all, even if he bears great resentment against us, there are few matters in this world that can’t be traded for.”

“Hehe! Junior Martial Brother Wang’s proposal is preferable to my own,” The old man then sighed and muttered, “Nevertheless, the youngster’s abilities are truly bizarre. Is he truly around the same age as Junior Martial Nephew Wang? From that last battle, the cunning he displayed was greater than even ours, and

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