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After Lady Qi pondered for a moment, she said, “Although Fellow Daoist Han’s words are very likely, they are still only a guess. I hope you Fellow Daoists will discuss these matters only among other Nascent Soul cultivators in order to prevent an unnecessary chaos. However, if the Moulan truly wishes to have a grand confrontation, their Divine Sages will be certain to take action. These late Nascent Soul stage spell warriors aren’t something we are able to contend against. I will be informing Elder Wei Wuya of this, and see whether or not the three great cultivators can gather together and deal with this matter.”

A shriveled old man worriedly nodded his head, “Lady Qi makes sense. This matter is urgent. When we return, we will immediately inform our sect of this matter.”

The other cultivators also agreed, all knowing that the matter was grave.

Afterwards, the cultivators began to discuss about a few particulars and decided to first send some reinforcements to slow down the Moulan, buying the various powers the time they needed to prepare.

Han Li, Senior Martial Brother Lu, and the Child Fire Dragon walked out of the hall side by side. When they arrived outside, Han Li frowned.

Elder Lu caught sight of Han LI’s expression and asked with surprise, “Is there something wrong Junior Martial Brother?”

“It’s nothing. There is just an old acquaintance that wishes to see me. I’m afraid that it will take a moment. Senior Martial Brother Lu, Brother Lan, please go ahead. I’ll quickly return!”

Elder Lu nodded his head and smiled, “Yes, of course. We’ll first head back to have a discussion amongst the cultivators of the Heavenly Dao Alliance and then send information back to our Senior Martial Brother. We’ll see how each of our alliance’s sects will handle the matter.”

The Child Fire Dragon also responded with a smile.

Han Li saluted in response before slowly walking away.

Elder Lu stood at the hall’s entrance and glanced in the direction that Han Li had taken.

“Is there something that Brother Lu is worried about?” The Child Fire Dragon asked with a mysterious smile.

Although Elder Lu’s heart was uneasy, he maintained a calm exterior, “Worried? What is there to be worried about?”

The Child Fire Dragon smiled and said, “Brother Lu should have already guessed. Fellow Daoist Han was originally from Yellow Maple Valley and that Eccentric Linghu is nearing the end of his lifespan like your Senior Martial Brother. As Eccentric Linghu is the only Nascent Soul cultivator in Yellow Maple Valley, he may already be burning with anxiousness. While this might not matter to a smaller sect, to a sect as large as Yellow Maple Valley, the absence of the protection of a Nascent Soul cultivator could likely lead to a sect’s extermination. It would be odd if Eccentric Linghu wasn’t the one who had given Han Li the voice transmission.”

Brother Lu didn’t immediately respond. Instead, he pondered to himself for a moment befo

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