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The attacker with the fluttering robes was Wang Tiangu.

Wang Tiangu calmly said, “Brother Yun, please don’t be so hasty! I merely wished to confirm whether or not Fellow Daoist Yun wished to use his priority selection on this jade box and renounce the privilege on any other items.”

The white-clothed old man regained his calm, but he glared at Wang Tiangu nonetheless, “Naturally, I want to take a look inside first. Why would I choose it if it were useless?”

Wang Tiangu wore a fearless expression and instead glanced at the three jade boxes on the jade bed. He calmly said, “If I remember correctly, we agreed that you two would have first pick and we would evenly divide what was leftover, but doesn’t Fellow Daoist believe that there will be enough to divide once the jade boxes are taken?”

“What is Fellow Daoist planning? Go ahead and say it. Do you plan on reneging on our agreement?” Marquis Nanlong took several steps forward and stood alongside the old man. With a malicious expression, he swept his gaze past the three Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators.

Wang Tiangu smiled and calmly said, “I have no intention of breaking my promise. However, there are far too few treasures on the second floor to be decided. Since the jade boxes cannot be seen through with spiritual sense, they are probably the most precious items in the building. Perhaps Master Cang Kun’s profound cultivation arts or even the secret of Devilfall Valley lay within.

Even under these circumstances, you two Fellow Daoists wish to perceive their value before choosing the item. Isn’t this excessive?”

The white-clothed old man “Excessive? I only recall that you Fellow Daoists personally agreed to our conditions of priority selection. What does it have to do with us if there aren’t enough items here!”

The old woman surprisingly backed Wang Tiangu, “Those words can’t be said. Fellow Daoists are allowed to have first pick with the items, but they can’t examine what are within the boxes. If Fellow Daoists are unsure, they may pick another item. For example, this glacial jade bed is a rather rare treasure. To cultivators with Yin Ice cultivation arts, it is a vastly precious treasure.”

Once that was said, Marquis Nanlong’s expression became gloomy. He suddenly emitted an immense pressure that forced Wang Tiangu and the old woman to take a step back.

At Nascent Soul stage, the difference in power between early and mid stage wasn’t something to underestimate.

Marquis Nanlong narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze past the rest of the party with eyes as cold as a sword’s edge, “If there is anyone who believes Fellow Daoist Wang’s words to be reasonable, step forward. For Brother Wang to act so boldly, he should more than just Madam Tai supporting him!”

After a moment of silence, the tan cultivator calmly said, “Marquis Nanlong, there is no need to be angry! Brother Wang’s words aren’t without reason. Fellow Daoist can’t just leave us with scraps.”


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