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The following scene was somewhat against Han Li’s expectations. The huge blue net sparkled with light and held firm against the huge sword’s descent. The translucent, sparkling lines of the net appeared incredibly durable.

The huge sword fiercely chopped the net several times, but the net held firm. Under control of the old man, the net wrapped layers and layers of thread around the sword, trapping the sword in just a short moment. Although it was only loosely restrained, it would still be difficult to escape from in a short amount of time.

Han Li frowned. Just as he thought about what to do next, the old man seized the initiative.

With an icy expression, the old man held his hands in a strange wheel-shaped incantation gesture. Immediately after, streaks of various-colored spell seals began to shoot out from his hand towards the sphere of light above him.

The blue light sphere began to shrink and ruptured after the old man uttered a cryptic incantation. Countless slivers of palm-wide ice crystals began to appear around the old man. Twinkling with blue light, they occupied an area of thirty meters around him.

With a fierce glare, the old man boldly spread out his hands to Han Li and uttered a harsh command, “Go!” In that instant, the ice crystals launched themselves in a barrage and filled the skies with their wails. The dense wave converging onto Han Li’s position made for a breathtaking sight.

‘This is a spirit technique?’

Han Li wore an astonished expression, but his hands didn’t stay still. He activated the flower basket and slapped the spirit beast pouch at his waist. A cloud of black-tainted Gold Devouring Beetles wildly rushed forth and began to surround Han Li’s body.

This time, the beetles didn’t transform into an object. They merely revolved in place, creating an impenetrable barrier around Han Li and hiding him from view.

Once the flower basket left his hand, it transformed into a cloud of white mist and directly charged towards the barrage of ice crystals. It had managed to absorb a majority of the ice crystals into its folds upon contact.

As soon as this happened, the remaining ice crystals flew around the flower basket as if they were intelligent and converged towards Han Li once more.

In unbroken succession, the ice crystals were stopped by the beetle swarm for just a moment before piercing through inside. The insect barrier was restored to its original shape, but there was no sound coming from behind it as if it were completely dead.

Old Man Mu couldn’t help but cry out in alarm after seeing this.

His ‘Ice Crystal Technique’ was similar to the cultivators’ elemental Daoist technique, the Icerain Technique. However, it was greater in quantity and the ice blades were completely created from a profound ice Qi that he cultivated from within his body. Not only was it amazingly sharp, but it was also incredibly cold. Cultivators who were unaware of this would be incapable of dealing w

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