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Han Li sat cross legged in the meditation room on the building’s second floor. His eyes were tightly shut and azure light flowed from his body. With hands forming a strange incantation gesture, an egg-sized ball of purple flame floated from his palm — gently wavering without end.

This devil flame was something that Han Li created from the Celestial Ice Flames and the Six-Winged Frost Centipede’s glacial Qi. This flame’s power was an entire stage higher than that of the Celestial Ice Flames, causing it to become Han Li’s greatest killing move at the moment.

This purple devilflame was something that Han Li gradually created after he refined a sliver of the Celestial Ice Flames. And in order to differentiate it from the Sacred Asura Flames, he named it the Purple Apex Flames.

He was convinced that if this flame caught onto the body of even a late Nascent Soul cultivator, they definitely wouldn’t be able to resist it. As for whether or not it could actually kill them, there was no way of guessing.

However, it was pity that although the flame’s true might was inconceivable, it was limited on the quantity of Celestial Ice Flames he could refine. If he somewhat managed to gather together several times his current amount, he may find himself capable of openly contending against late Nascent Soul cultivators.

Han Li heard Silvermoon click her tongue in astonishment from the back of his mind, “Congratulations Master! I seemed to have underestimated the Purple Apex Flames. They appear quite a bit more powerful, and there will be even greater potential in the future.”

He silently smiled in response and simply took a breathe, turning the Purple Apex Flames into a strand of flame and breathing it inside him. He then released the incantation gesture he was holding and ceased his casting.

Han Li opened his eyes and slowly said, “Although the Purple Apex Flames were potent, the quantity is just far too little to be reliably used. What I am hoping for the most is that I will be able to open the Heavenvoid Cauldron. If what you said about it being a divine spirit treasure was true, I’ll be able to sweep across the entire Heavenly South with it in hand, and reach a realm of power where I will have no worries.”

Silvermoon sweetly chuckled and confidently said, “Please don’t worry, Master. The Heavenvoid Cauldron is as powerful or even greater than what I’ve said.”

Han Li nodded his head and thought to say something else when a streak of white light suddenly flew inside his room. Yingning’s clear voice suddenly echoed through the air, “Martial Senior Han, quickly hurry to the main hall! Senior Ma has returned and the Moulan are about to arrive!” Once that was said, the streak of white light flew back outside.

With a sullen expression on his face, a cold glint shined through his eyes as he flew out.

When Han Li arrived inside the main hall, Gu Shuangpu, Old Man Ma, and the large bald man were already present, along with a h

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