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Han Li smiled and confidently said, “No matter. Let us first see how it goes. If it doesn’t succeed, we can make our escape. With me around, I’ll be able to bring you out regardless of the restrictions on your body.”

After studying at Han Li for a while, she seemed to understand that there was no changing his mind. She bit her lips and said, “This... Fine! Although I don’t know how vast your abilities are, you should be somewhat skilled given your confidence. But there is no need for you to take the initiative to go find her. My senior martial sister’s residence is layered with restrictions, so I’ll draw her here instead. Afterwards, we’ll be able to draw assistance from the restrictions to capture her while her guard is down.”

After a brief moment of thought, Han Li smiled and said, “That is method is truly more reliable. However, can you still use the restrictions on your cave residence? When I arrived, it appeared that the restrictions were shattered.”

Nangong Wan quickly replied, “No worries. Although a few of the surface restrictions have been shattered by my senior martial sister, there is still one very formidable hidden restriction that she has yet to discover. It can still be used.”

Han Li rubbed his chin and said, “Good! Since we can use that, I also have several spell formation tool sets. Although they aren’t powerful, after they are placed, they will be able to provide a certain level of impedance.”

Having heard Han Li, Nangong Wan became more confident. “You have formation flags? All the better. We cannot delay. I will need half a day to remove the restrictions on my body and restore my magic power. You should start placing down the spell formations during that time.”

After a moment of thought, Han Li puzzlingly asked, “If we manage to restrain your senior martial sister, can’t you take control of the Masked Moon Sect? That way, we wouldn’t have to flee.”

After a moment of surprise, Nangong Wan shook her head, “That won’t be possible! Apart from our senior martial sister, there is one other Nascent Soul cultivator. Although my relationship with him is good, he certainly won’t allow me to take the title of Grand Elder illegitimately. I also have no desire for a power struggle. I only want a peaceful place where I can quietly cultivate.”

Han Li shook his head and coldly smiled, “If that’s the case, then leave it be! If this succeeds smoothly, you can follow me back to the Drifting Cloud Sect. Even if the Nine Nations Union were stronger and Wei Wuya heavily doted on Wei Lichen, he wouldn’t dare to rashly offend the Heavenly Dao Alliance along with two Nascent Soul cultivators during an invasion of spell warriors.”

Soon after, he slapped the storage pouch at his waist and flipped his hand, summoning a pile of formation flags and formation plates.

When Nangong Wan saw this, she faintly smiled and sat back down. With her eyes closed, she formed an odd incantation seal with her hands. A short momen

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