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Once the old Daoist heard what Han Li wanted, his uncontrollable excitement promptly faded away. With his newly restored calm, he said, “It seems Fellow Daoist Han plans on using this to extort me.”

Han Li calmly said, “Extort? Those words are mistaken. Until now, I’ve never made any demands of you; rather, I gifted you with several rare soul stones. If Fellow Daoist doesn’t feel this arrangement to be profitable, just pretend I never asked the second question, and you can keep those soul stones.”

Daoist Heavencrystal’s expression relaxed and then began to waver while Han Li simply stood at the side without urging him in the slightest.

After a long while, the old Daoist coldly said, “If I give you the puppet designs, you will more or less be able to tell whether they are legitimate. But how can I possibly know if you were telling the truth about the Umbra Beasts?”

Han Li unhurriedly responded with a tranquil tone, “To tell the truth, even if Fellow Daoist knew where the Umbra Beasts are, he would have no method of getting there. Not only is that place deadly beyond belief, but even if one is fortunate enough to enter, there is no way to return. Even I was only barely able to escape alive. Even if you don’t believe me, my soul stones are genuine all the same. I’ll give a portion of them to you for the puppet refinement designs. Enough so that Fellow Daoist definitely won’t suffer a loss. Besides, what use are puppet refinement methods without the soul stones required to use them.”

Daoist Heavencrystal frowned and revealed a trace of hesitation.

After the old Daoist deliberated on what there was to gain and lose, his expression relaxed before he said, “Fine! I have no interest in mulling over whether the supposed source of your soul stones is real. I will only ask how many soul stones you plan on using to exchange for the puppet refinement designs? If it’s too few, I would rather just monopolize them.”

While Han Li was happy about this outcome, he betrayed none of it in his voice, “I will have to see the value of the ancient puppet designs first. If they are only on the level of the puppets that were traded during the day, then I have no interest in looking at them.”

The old Daoist wore an odd expression, “Those puppets were only defective goods I found. From what you’ve said, it seems the more powerful these puppets are the more soul stones you are willing to pay.”

Han Li pursed his lips, “That’s right. If there are designs to refine a puppet that can match the strike of a Nascent Soul cultivator I would be willing to exchange thirty soul stones for it.”

Daoist Heavencrystal seriously asked, “Would these soul stones be of the same quality as the ones you’ve given from the start?”

‘Could there truly be designs for ancient puppets on the level of Nascent Soul cultivators?’ Han Li was amazed at the prospect and immediately grew overjoyed. Without any restraint, he said, “Since when have my words been fals

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