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When Martial Ancestor Linghu spotted Han Li, he didn’t reveal the slightest change in expression. It was unknown whether he was hiding his emotions with his profound shrewdness or that he simply didn’t recognize the past Foundation Establishment disciple.

Han Li’s gaze shifted to the others in the hall. At the center of the hall there was an old man with a purple face and a gorgeous woman in palace robes. When Han Li swept his spiritual sense past them, his heart trembled. The two were mid Nascent Soul cultivators, the main representatives of the Nine Nations Union.

As Han Li examined in the other cultivators in the hall, they had examined him as well. A majority of them were surprised by Han Li’s appearance as a youth. Hardly any male cultivators cultivated techniques for maintaining youthful appearances.

The Drifting Cloud Sect Elder Lu called out to Han Li with a smile, “Junior Martial Brother Han, you’ve finally arrived. Have a seat. We were having a discussion with Sect Master Wu about the Moulan invasion.”

The Child Fire Dragon also smiled and kindly nodded his head.

Following suit, Han Li smiled and saluted the other cultivators in the hall before taking a seat by his Senior Martial Brother Lu.

The purple-faced cultivator took a seat across from Han Li and smiled, “So this is the Drifting Cloud Sect’s Fellow Daoist Han. I am the Enlightened Leaf Sect’s Wu Peng. We just heard from Brother Lu that Fellow Daoist had entered Nascent Soul stage only after two hundred years of cultivation. You truly a genius among the cultivators in the Heavenly South. Perhaps you will be met with great success on the Great Dao!”

Although Han Li’s cultivation was still a grade lower than his own, he didn’t dare to underestimate Han Li’s future potential.

“Sect Master Wu is being polite. I only managed to enter Nascent Soul stage from a fluke. I don’t dare to speak of any future obtainments in the Great Dao.” As the Enlightened Leaf Sect were one of the sects that stood side by side with the Flowing Mind Sect in the Nine Nations Union, Han Li didn’t dare to grow overly familiar with him and simply gave a polite response.

As Han Li spoke, his gaze fell onto the beautiful middle-aged woman that stood at the old man’s side. Since the purple-faced old man was the Enlightened Leaf Sect Master, this beautiful woman was likely a cultivator from the Flowing Mind Sect.

As Han Li began to ponder, the purple-faced old man, Wu Peng, sighed and said, “This is the Flowing Mind Sect’s Lady Qi. She will handle matters with regards to the Nine Nations Union along my side. The other Fellow Daoists are...”

The old man gave Han Li an introduction to the other cultivators in the hall. When Martial Ancestor Linghu was introduced, he simply gave a curt response, nothing out of the ordinary.

Han Li’s heart faintly trembled but he simply nodded.

After introductions were finished, Wu Peng’s expression grew tense, “Fellow Daoist Han, yo

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