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The fearsome, earth-shaking gales caused the magic treasures to unsteadily sway. They seemed to be restricted by the gale and were incapable of breaking free.

The bald spell warrior wore a bizarre smile and revealed an expression of pride. “Haha! If you won’t accept my kindness then I will use force. How reckless! Don’t expect me to stop after matters have reached this far.” The bald spell warrior then grabbed the air and suddenly formed a huge hand from the yellow wings. It then made its way to grab the gorgeous woman.

The spell warriors planned to first grab the woman to make sure she lived and instantly exterminate the remaining four through a full display of his power.

The woman attempted to make use of her blazing flame sword magic treasure to block the large hand, but the gales had caused it to spin out of control. With no way of controlling it, she was incapable of saving herself, causing her complexion to pale.

Although the four cultivators wished to rescue the woman, they were disoriented and swept away by the wind. Only the fat old man with the deepest cultivation amongst them was able to deal with it somewhat better. In his worry, he forcefully raised his hand and released a meter long bolt of lightning to strike at the giant hand. However, the attack was completely ineffective.

When the yellow hand was only three meters away from grabbing the woman, it suddenly disappeared. At that same moment, the yellow-robed spell warrior roared in furious alarm. The windstorm that trapped the Core Formation cultivator suddenly weakened before soon disappearing. It was as if what had just happened as only an illusion.

The group of cultivators looked at each other with dismay and turned their gaze towards the bald spell warrior. However, he was angrily staring in an direction that was completely empty. They couldn’t help but reveal astonishment.

A fierce expression appeared on the spell warrior’s face and he furiously shouted, “Since you’ve dared to break my technique, why would you so stealthily hide yourself?” He seemed to no longer pay the Core Formation cultivators any notice.

A man’s voice voice leisurely spoke, “It isn’t that I’m hiding myself, but it’s just that your cultivation is too lacking to see me. It seems your esteemed self should’ve just recently entered Nascent Soul stage. You are far weaker than other spell warriors I’ve seen.”

In an azure flash of light, a youth with a common appearance appeared before them.

When he saw that the five cultivators were caught in a desperate situation, he released an azure essence sword streak towards the feather. Once it was struck, the windstowm was easily dissolved.

The five were initially alarmed by Han Li’s appearance, but after sensing that he was at Nascent Soul Stage, they rejoiced, knowing that their lives were saved.

The female cultivator promptly saluted him from a distance and respectfully said, “Junior’s name is Nie Ying. Many thanks for

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