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When the old man saw that the scroll was in tatters, his face greatly paled. It was clearly ruined beyond use.

“What a pity!” The black-robed figure spoke with a trace of regret, “If Fellow Daoist Ku Yao hadn’t been in such a rush to break free and used his fire spirit’s vitality to stall of time, that cultivator’s magic power would’ve been exhausted and he would’ve taken the initiative to dispel the formation diagram regardless.”

The shriveled cultivator pondered for a moment before he found himself agreeing.

With the spell warrior broken free, Old Man Ma’s complexion turned sickly pale as he grasped onto the scroll. He quickly placed it away in his storage pouch, and viciously gazed at Ku Yao. Ku Yao snorted in response and had the flood dragon beneath him surge once more with flames and red light.

The shriveled spell warrior suddenly shouted from above, “Sage Ku Yao, cease!” He then turned to the Heavenly South cultivators and said, “How about ending this battle in a draw? Both of their magic power is nearly exhausted. Nothing will result from having this battle continue.”

The bald man was somewhat surprised to hear this. After exchanging a look with Gu Shuangpu, he nodded his head, “That is fine. Let’s have this battle end.”

Although Old Man Ma felt somewhat opposed this decision, he knew that it would be futile to continue the battle and flew back without any better option. Ku Yao also felt gloomy at this decision and begrudgingly recalled his flood dragon before flying back into the spell warrior ranks.

Old Man Ma returned down below and received a few consoling words from the bald man, easing the tension from the old man’s face.

But at that moment, the black-robed spell warrior and the shriveled old man was muttering something to each other. As a result, the black-robed figure gently floated in the air and arrived at the location of the previous battle.

He gloomily swept his gaze past the other cultivators and a trace of contempt was revealed from his eyes. In his hoarse voice, he said, “This time, you will be fighting me, but I will say this first. This battle will last until someone is dead. Don’t have any delusions of stopping this battle while it is in progress.”

The black-robed figure’s arrogant words infuriated Gu Shuangpu and the bald man. However, the two didn’t dare to rise up to the challenge. They both knew that two Nascent Soul cultivators have already perished at the hands of this strange spell warrior. As they still greatly valued their lives, they were hesitant.

“Let me try him on.” Han Li indifferently said.

The bald man blinked in surprise upon seeing Han Li take the initiative to fight, but soon, he inwardly sighed with relief. “Ah! Fellow Daoist Han wishes to go? You must take care. If there is something amiss, we will naturally go to rescue you.”

Han Li smiled and said little else. Azure light glowed from from his body before he streaked across the skies. In the blin

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