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Han Li responded to Nangong Wan’s Senior Martial Sister with an unhurried tone, “It doesn’t matter who I am, but it does matter why you are being so obstinate. Just give the Contraining Heart Restriction Medallion to us and we’ll immediately release you. As for the Blood Devil Sword, I have nothing to fear from it despite not knowing of it. It would be best if you didn’t rely on it.”

The icy woman sinisterly stared at Han Li and curled her lips, “You are overestimating yourself! If you knew about Blood Devil Sword, you wouldn’t dare to speak so boldly. I’ll kill you first and see if Junior Martial Sister Nangong changes her mind.”

Immediately after, she bit the tip of her tongue and puffed a large mist of blood essence onto the small crimson sword and clutched her hands in an incantation seal. In a bright flash of crimson light, the small sword grew to a meter in length, flourishing its wicked, bloody appearance. The scent of blood it emitted became all the more repugnant and pervasive as well.

The icy woman then grabbed onto the sword’s handle without much care, and she began to glare with brilliantly light as she began to pour the entirety of her spiritual power into the crimson sword.

“Quickly act! We cannot allow her to attack first!” Unable to retain her calm, Nangong Wan shouted fearfully to Han Li. She knew much about the fearsomeness of the Blood Devil Sword and couldn’t hold much confidence in Han Li’s words.

Before she could finish condensing her Divine Incarnation Light, she pointed to the huge barrier of light above her head. The dome of light trembled and began to quickly revolve. A short moment later, a gorgeous emerald-green light flew out towards the icy woman in an instant.

When the icy woman saw this, she casually waved her hand and tossed out the triangular flag. When the flag left her hand, it turned into a large cloud of eerie green fog as it intercepted the attack.

As soon as the ray of emerald light struck the green fog, a flood dragon suddenly appeared from the emerald light. The flood dragon suddenly gained the upper hand in the struggle and surged through the fog in an attempt to disperse it. But like a tenacious disease, a layer of the fog stuck onto the flood dragon and prevented it from breaking free.

Nangong Wan grimaced at the sight, and the icy woman revealed a trace of joy.

The icy woman then swept the air with the crimson sword and slashed the sword over Han Li’s head. A spacial fluctuation soon followed, carrying a three-meter-wide wave of sword Qi towards him.

The sword Qi was scarlet red and flaunted an ominous, evil aura as it cut forward without restraint.

After the icy woman consumed a majority of her power in her attack, her complexion increasingly reddened several times in the following instant. Then in a flash of light, the crimson sword returned to its original small size.

As the sword Qi traveled through the air, the nearby spiritual Qi flowed forward w

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