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“It seems Fellow Daoist Long has encountered some trouble. Two spell warriors are chasing after him. Everyone, set out!” With that resolute shout, Marquis Nanlong flew towards the sky in a ball of golden light.

The others glanced at one another before successively following suit. Suddenly, eight streaks of various colored light appeared above the hills, hastily flying towards the stern-faced cultivator surnamed Long.

The white streak of light that was rushing towards their location immediately grew faster upon spotting them. In an instant, it arrived before the party and faded away to reveal the stern-faced cultivator. His face was pale as if he had suffered damage to his vitality.

“Many thanks for your assistance. I cannot thank you all enough!” The stern-faced cultivator saluted the party and his anxious expression was replaced with gratitude.

Marquis Nanlong floated in the air and asked with a voice of concern, “It is no problem! Are you alright? How did you get two spell warriors to pursue you? I recall that only one went to chase you.”

The stern-faced cultivator bitterly smiled and helplessly said, “I’m fine. But after being pursued for the greater half of a day, another spell warrior tagged along the pursuit. I spent two days trying to outrun them, and my vitality is quite worn down!”

The old woman sighed and said, “It was no wonder why Fellow Daoist Long fled here. Apart from Fellow Daoist Nanlong and Fellow Daoist Yun, nobody else would’ve been able to escape from two early Nascent Soul stage spell warriors.”

Han Li glanced into the distance and smiled, “However, regardless of how powerful these two pursuers may be, they are rather quite courageous to stay here for the time being. Do they not fear retaliation for overreaching themselves?”

Needless to say, when the two spell warriors spotted Han Li and company, they simply stopped rather than immediately fleeing. They merely gazed at them from a distance.

Their appearances were clear to see from the party’s immense spiritual sense. One of them them was golden skinned and wore a crown of feathers along with hemp robes. The other had a sinister appearance and wore green robes. They were both spell warriors at the early Nascent Soul stage.

Marquis Nanlong snorted and coldly shouted, “You two Fellow Daoists still haven’t left? Could it be you wish for us to take action? If you two aren’t careful, you will meet your end here!”

The hemp-robed spell warrior glanced at them and caustically said, “What an arrogant tone! Although we aren’t a match for you, it is beyond your powers to kill us. We don’t need to attack you, merely delay you for half a day. Do you really believe you will have a chance of leaving? It would be better for you all to obediently sit in place. Perhaps we may allow your souls to reincarnate!”

Marquis Nanlong furiously laughed and began to glow with blinding light, “Delay us for half a day? Do you believe that we will allow it?”

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