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Han Li stood on the side of a mountain and glanced at the huge city walls several kilometers away. He softly said, “This is Soaring Heavens Mountain?”

Lu Luo stood at Han Li’s side and spoke with a similar expression, “Has Junior Martial Brother never seen such a large city before? The Nine Nations Union have expanded this city several times before reaching such a size. Although I wouldn’t dare to say that this is the largest city in the Heavenly South, it definitely is among the top five. The entire city is also made of huge stones from the same source.”

When Han Li heard this, he faintly smiled. What city could possibly best Scattered Star Seas’ Heavenly Star City? Now that city was truly gargantuan existence. Although Soaring Heavens City was a huge city that spanned over fifty kilometers, it still wasn’t something that could be compared to Heavenly Star City.

Han Li didn’t care much of it, but Mu Peiling was clearly amazed by the sight of this stone city.

“Nevertheless, we will have to approach Soaring Heavens City on foot. How troublesome!” Lu Luo shook his hand and spoke with slight dissatisfaction.

Han Li pursed his lips and replied, “The Nine Nations Union can’t help it. There are far too many high grade cultivators that have come. They would have no way of managing the city if they were to come by air. Fortunately, these restrictions are merely superficial against Nascent Soul cultivators like us. If we truly wished to fly, these restrictions couldn’t do anything to us.”

“I didn’t expect for Junior Martial Brother to be so open minded. Alright, let’s go. The sooner we get to the city, the more profit will be had!” Ever since Han Li’s bout with Marquis Nanlong, Senior Martial Brother Lu had treated Han Li in a far greater familiarity.

Han Li nodded with a smile, and the three began to walk towards the city gate in stride.

Because they were in the vicinity of Soaring Heavens City, there were vast crowds entering the city from every direction.

Han Li and Lu Luo already concealed their cultivation as this didn’t wish to cause a disturbance. They entered the crowd under the guise of Foundation Establishment cultivators and made way towards the city gate.

Although there were protectors from the Nine Nations Union, they didn’t discover anything amiss from Han Li or Lu Luo.

After they entered Soaring Heavens City, they spotted orderly rows of stone buildings. There were stone streets of varying length between each of the stone buildings, forming what seemed to be a crowded weblike pathway.

Since Lu Luo had been at Soaring Heavens in the past, he suggested, “Let’s first get a fixed residence. There is no need for us to barge into any inns. There are distinguished pavilions that are specialized for Nascent Soul cultivators like us. We’ll be heading there directly.”

Han Li didn’t raise any objects and followed after Elder Lu with Mu Peiling in tow.

Lu Luo ended up bringing to the two towards

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