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The others didn’t find it strange for Marquis Nanlong and the white-clothed old man surnamed Yun to have first pick. Since they were both the founders of this expedition and had the deepest cultivation, it was natural for them to have a larger share of the treasure.

In order to prevent any unexpected matters from occurring, the group immediately agreed to the plan. The group would set off in two days, before the end of the trade fair. After taking a heart demon oath to not divulge this information, the meeting was concluded.

Han Li noticed that the Marquis and the old man surnamed Yun appeared rather confident as if they weren’t fearful that the early Nascent Soul cultivators would perform any petty tricks. Considering the location and method to break the spell restrictions were only known to them in addition to their shrewdness and abilities, it was likely that the others wouldn’t think of any dirty schemes.

Of course, Han Li also agreed with this reasoning.

Ever since Han Li reached Nascent Soul stage, his cultivation for the Azure Essence Sword Arts was excruciatingly slow due to a lack of suitable medicine pills. Han Li reckoned that if if he were to bitterly cultivate for three hundred years, he still wouldn’t reach the peak of early Nascent Soul stage.

As for whether or not he would be able to reach mid Nascent Soul stage, that would simply be a matter of luck, not aptitude. Nascent Soul cultivators that managed to reach this far were all people with exceptional aptitude.

According to Han Li’s original plans, he would’ve diligently cultivated for over a hundred years once the trade fair concluded. Once he made some progress with his cultivation art, he would immediately leave his cave residence and find a few ancient cultivator ruins or some land rich with natural treasures. It was only like this he would find an opportunity to progress to the next stage of cultivation. But now that Han Li had heard of the treasures of the renowned Devilfall Valley, Han Li couldn’t possibly let them go. This was perhaps the opportunity he needed.

The others likely shared the same thoughts.

These old Nascent Soul eccentrics were stuck at early Nascent Soul stage for countless years. There was no possibility they would renounce such an opportune breakthrough. The techniques and medicine pills were certain to be significant.

Of course, since the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master was travelling with them, if there was an opportunity to kill him on the way, Han Li wouldn’t hold himself back. Even if Wang Tiangu witnessed it, what would change? The Devil Dao and the Heavenly Dao Alliance were already enemies.

As killing intent filled Han Li’s mind, he walked down the azure stone road back to his own residence.

But unbeknownst to him, Wang Tiangu was calmly walking down an alley several streets away with Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan silently following after him.

“Once we return, clearly explain any grudges that are

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