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“Since this ring has yet to recognize a master, I am unable to display its full abilities. Of course, you should all know it comes at quite a price. I intend on trading this Immortal Binding Ring for a bottle of Nascent Soul level cultivation pills. If you’re interested in giving an offer, I’ll be taking a look at them.”

Although cultivators present each had their own magic treasures, nurturing multiple magic treasures with differing abilities wasn’t unheard of. Furthermore, this magic treasure was masterless so it can be given to disciples. Of course, magic treasures that were created by Nascent Soul cultivators were far stronger than those created by Core Formation cultivators.

A majority of cultivators also weren’t experts in tool refinement, especially so with Nascent Soul cultivators. Since an expertly refined treasure appeared before them, many grew tempted and wished to trade for them. The woman selected one of the bottles of medicine pills offered to her and smoothly concluded the transaction.

Although this Immortal Binding Ring was far less valuable than the Scarlet Essence Mushroom, it was also much easier to trade for.

The next cultivator stood up before Daoist Heavencrystal called out to him, “I am offering Starsteel Sand for trade. It can be used for...”

The trade meeting went smoothly with each Nascent Soul cultivators taking out their own items, each an undoubtable rarity. They were far beyond what Han Li had previously seen offered at markets, and couldn’t be afforded even with the entirety of a common Core Formation cultivator’s wealth.

When a cultivator’s turn arrived, they naturally took out an item suitable for a cultivator of their rank.

But of course, not everyone made a successful trade. There were a few items that were too unfamiliar, along with those that were desirable but had an unfulfillable price. Nevertheless, these Nascent Soul cultivators were each brimming with experience; there was no possibility of trades with a large disparities in value.

The Child Fire Dragon and Lu Luo were both in front of Han Li and each took out their own items first.

The Child Fire Dragon took out a bowl-sized, tri-colored flower, an ingredient for pill refinement. Although it couldn’t be compared with the Scarlet Essence Mushroom, it was still a rare item. However, since there was no one that possessed the item he was looking for, the Poisonmark Wood, he could only sit back down with disappointment.

As for Lu Luo, he ended up with a rather successful transaction. He traded a bottle of something Han Li had never heard of before, Spirit Herb Extract, for a small fire-red sword that hadn’t yet recognized a master. It was unknown who he was giving it to, as there was no possibility of refining it for himself given his age.

With Lu Luo’s successful transaction came Han Li’s turn. Because he successfully traded for the embroidered-robed cultivator’s Scarlet Essence Mushroom at the beginning, there

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