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Han Li sighed and helplessly said, “Why is it that you and Senior Martial Brother Lu haven’t left as we discussed? I might’ve not returned.” He then took a glance at Mu Peiling and smiled, “But I didn’t think that you’d actually break through your bottleneck so quickly! Congratulations on entering mid Foundation Establishment stage!”

“I broke through by chance half a month ago thanks to the medicine pills my Lord has given me. It wouldn’t have been the case otherwise.” Mu Peiling spoke with great excitement and appeared all the more beautiful for it. Han Li felt his mind shake and calmed down once he stroked his nose.

Han Li then casually asked, “Does your prolonged stay with Senior Martial Brother Lu in Soaring Heavens City have to do with the spell warriors?”

Mu Peiling bit her lip and carefully said, “My Lord already guessed it. Senior Lu and I planned on returning once the trade fair ended, but who could’ve thought that news of the spell warrior invasion had spread before the trade fair concluded. As a Heavenly Dao Alliance Nascent Soul cultivator, he had no choice but to remain and negotiate a plan with the other powers. I also remained behind as a result.”

“In that case, I can’t blame you. But where is Senior Martial Brother Lu —” Han Li suddenly wore an odd expression when he interrupted himself.

Mu Peiling was startled by this sudden stop. Before she realized what Han Li intended, she suddenly heard a young man’s voice from outside the building, “Fellow Daoist Mu, are you there? I am Bai Shujun. I wish to discuss something with you.”

After Han Li swept his spiritual sense past him, he discovered a Core Formation youth with a scholarly appearance that was standing outside the building’s restrictions. Han Li pensively asked, “Who is this? It seems you’ve made friends!”

In the instant Mu Peiling heard the man’s voice, he face instantly paled. She hastily explained, “Lord, please don’t misunderstand. This person is a disciple of a Heavenpeak Sect Elder. We had unintentionally met a few days ago and he had been bothering me ceaselessly ever since. I’ve already said that I am your concubine, but this person has bothered me ever since. I’ll drive him away right now.”

Han Li raised his brow and asked, “So it was like that? Does Senior Martial Brother Lu know of this?”

Mu Peiling was relieved that Han Li wasn’t angry and replied with a sigh of relief, “I’ve already spoke to Senior Lu of this matter, but Senior Lu seemed to recognize this elder of the Heavenpeak Sect. He even seemed somewhat fearful of him. For the time being, he’s left me to fend for myself with regards to his matter. He’s been waiting for Lord to return before dealing with this matter.

After a moment of silence, Han Li coldly smiled, “Oh! Isn’t the Heavenpeak Sect one of the four great sects of the Righteous Dao Alliance? It is no wonder why Senior Martial Brother Lu was so careful in handling this matter. However, this meager Core Format

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