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“Fellow Daoist speaks the truth, but I have no intention of handing over my concubine. I merely wish to exchange a few pointers.” Han Li spoke calmly and soon released his spiritual sense. With the appearance of an astonishing aura, something shot towards the Marquis.

“Good.” Marquis Nanlong appeared completely calm and released his spiritual sense. Two streaks of nearly incorporeal force appeared between the two and burst in a collision. A violent gust suddenly appeared and blew out in every direction.

Marquis Nanlong felt alarmed by the development as his initial spiritual sense probe instantly grew several times greater in size. Layers and streams of violent white instantly flew into the gap of space between Han Li and the Marquis, causing their silhouettes to blur as if there were two originless and unmoving shadows .

“Spiritual sense formation! How can this be!? How is Junior Martial Brother Han’s spiritual sense so strong!” Lu Luo couldn’t help but cry out in disbelief.

“Spiritual sense formation? Could my Lord win?”

“I’m not sure either, but ordinarily, spiritual sense formation is a divine ability only mid Nascent Soul cultivators can grasp. For Junior Martial Brother Han to be able to use this technique, his main cultivation art must be specialized in spiritual sense. That is the only possible explanation.” Lu Luo’s excited words turned into a pensive mutter halfway through.

Filled with hope by her Martial Ancestor Lu’s explanation, Mu Peiling said, “In that case, my Lordmust have a fighting chance!”

With a shifting expression, Lu Luo said, “That’s hard to say. There are differences in strength among even similar grade cultivators. Marquis Nanlong had already entered the mid Nascent Soul stage three hundred years ago. Although his progress has stalled, he is without a doubt only a step away from late Nascent Soul stage. It should be quite difficult for Junior Martial Brother Han to win against this old eccentric!”

When Mu Peiling heard this, her briefly hopeful heart immediately turned ice-cold once again.

At that moment, the explosions in the skies suddenly became far more dense and winds began to continuously revolve, forming a huge ring of white wind around Han Li and the Marquis.

Lu Luo yelped in surprise as an odd expression appeared on his face, “I can’t believe it. Junior Martial Brother isn’t losing.”

Mu Peiling was overjoyed by this and thought to ask something more, but a series of blinding white lights filled the skies. Soon after, claps of thunder rang out and the ring of wind surrounding them ruptured, sweeping up their surroundings in a violent windstorm.

A hundred meters away from them, the others revealed shock as they saw the overbearing squalls arrive towards them.

“Not good!” Lu Luo softly shouted. His figure blurred and blocked Mu Peiling. At the same time, he crossed his hands, summoning a blue light barrier in front of them.

In that short moment, the fierce s

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