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Threads of red and azure lights began to emerge from all over the hall and followed after the silver soundwaves, engulfing the icy woman at their center.

In the face of these oncoming attacks, the woman simply pointed to her two swords. Black and white light flashed from the swords as they easily spun once in the air, instantly releasing a wave of glacial and scorching Qi. With the white icy Qi on the outside, and the black scorching Qi on the inside, they conformed into a strange barrier of light around the woman.

When the sound waves struck the barrier, they were entirely absorbed without a trace. But soon after, the red and azure lights from the hall’s restrictions managed to envelop the barrier.

Nangong Wan took action at that moment. In a burst of flame, the Vermillion Bird Band turned into a huge fireball and suddenly exuded a vast pressure. Then with a casual wave of hand, a dim scarlet light flashed from her hand and she vanished from sight. Were it not for Han Li’s vast spiritual sense, he wouldn’t have been seen through Nangong Wan’s sneak attack.

Following a muffled hum, the dim light suddenly revealed it in a colorful burst.

“To think that you would use a Devilslaying Thorn to injure me!” she cried, her face contorted with a mixture of fury and alarm. “Well done. I had always thought that Junior Martial Sister had used all of them. I hadn’t expected that you managed to preserve one.”

The woman appeared to have somehow suffered a heavy blow but her vitality still held strong. Han Li knew that she had merely suffered a minor injury and that Nangong Wan simply intended to interrupt the icy woman’s use of the restriction medallion.

After Han Li activated the restrictions in the hall, he flipped his hand and the pitch-black Thousand Layer Mountain in his hand. He tossed it into the air and quickly struck the mountain with quickly formed spell seals.

Appearing momentarily trapped by the restrictions, the Vermillion Bird Band shot towards the icy woman as a ball of flames. But in that instant, eight ferocious arm-thick flame pythons became entangled with it. A roaring sea of flames soon appeared in the hall.

At that point, the mountain had expanded to twenty meters in height. Just as Han Li was about to command the treasure, he saw a bowl-thick beam of rainbow light shoot out from the sea of flames. Be it flame or light, anything that was struck by the beam of light was unable to resist it.

A series of clanks suddenly rang out, and the beam of light abruptly stopped on the spiralling Vermilion Band Ring, completely locking it down.

‘The Light Stasis Mirror!’ Han Li narrowed his eyes with a solemn expression.

Before the woman arrived, Nangong Wan gave Han Li a general explanation of her Senior Martial Sister’s techniques and treasures to Han Li, allowing more opportunities for Han Li to strike her. The Light Stasis Mirror was the ancient treasure that Nangong Wan had mentioned the most amongst

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