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When Ancestor Linghu heard Han Li’s response, he frowned and didn’t speak for a time. Instead, he slowly raised the tea cup and took a sip.

He then said, “Fellow Daoist Han, this is obvious to me, but I am very much unlike you. I’ve spent over a thousand years overseeing Yellow Maple Valley and I’ve grown extremely attached to it. I don’t wish for its legacy to be severed once I die. It seems Fellow Daoist has little interest in fame or profit. However, if Fellow Daoist is willing to succeed the position as the grand elder of Yellow Maple Valley, I am willing to present my own riches to you, the treasures that I have collected over many years. They will be greatly useful to your future cultivation.”

After a moment of shock, Han Li narrowed his eyes and asked, “You will leave your inheritance to me? If I recall correctly, you should have personal disciples!”

Ancestor Linghu coldly smiled. “Among my disciples, the highest only holds mid Core Formation stage cultivation. If I leave my inheritance with them, it will only invite calamity. Even if Fellow Daoist doesn’t accept, I will not be leaving the majority of my treasures to the sect.”

Han Li rubbed his chin and pondered.

To tell the truth, Han Li felt some temptation by Ancestor Linghu’s words. However, he clearly understood that if he were to accept the position as a Yellow Maple Valley elder, he would likely have to face many problems within the Six Sects of Yue and the Nine Nations Union — matters that would settle for quite some time.

Furthermore, he would have more authority as the sole elder of Yellow Maple Valley, but conversely, he would be sacrificing the freedoms that he had with the Drifting Cloud Sect. More importantly was the problem he would have when he faced the Masked Moon Sect.

After a long moment of thought, Han Li shook his head. “Many thanks for your kind offer. However, I feel that this matter shouldn’t be mentioned any further.”

Ancestor Linghu wasn’t angered upon hearing this — rather, his face only revealed helplessness.

Ancestor Linghu sighed and said, “Since you’ve refused these conditions, it seems Fellow Daoist Han is unwilling to be involved with the Six Sects of Yue. If that’s the case, I have another proposal.”

Han Li’s expression stirred with curiosity. “Another proposal?”

Ancestor Linghu bitterly smiled. “Since Fellow Daoist doesn’t wish to be an elder of Yellow Maple Valley, how about I give you three treasures in exchange for three requests for help from Yellow Maple Valley? Of course, these requests will be within your capabilities.”

After a moment of thought, Han Li quickly nodded his head. “Three requests within my capabilities? I can accept those conditions.”

Ancestor Linghu wore a faint smile on his face and placed three items on the table. It seemed he had prepared them beforehand.

Without another word, Han Li’s eyes wandered onto the three items on the table. There was a small shiny blue shield, a

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