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As Marquis Nanlong spoke, he brushed his hand past his chest. In a pulse of soft white light, the depression in the armor was restored back to normal.

Wang Tiangu and the others were surprised, but the white-clothed old man calmly explained, “There is no need to be worried. He is merely using a secret technique to temporarily suppress his injuries. There is still lasting damage! But he will be troublesome together with that Youngster Han. Have someone tangle him down for the time being. Kill Marquis Nanlong first.”

Once the old man finished, he unhurriedly pointed the silver wheel in front of him. The magic treasure immediately turned into a silver streak above his head. A mist of white light spread around his body, causing him to appear indistinct. Knowing that Marquis Nanlong held a bone-deep grudge against him, he wasn’t about to hold back in the slightest.

Wang Tiangu frowned and felt that this was reasonable. He turned his head to the stern-faced cultivator and said, “Brother Long, deal with that youngster for a moment. You don’t need to try your hardest to kill him. Just keep him occupied. After we deal with Marquis Nanlong, we’ll kill him together.”

Wang Tiangu icily glared at Han Li and no longer contained his killing intent. His body suddenly emitted a meter-tall black radiance, completely enveloping him in darkness.

When the old woman and the tan cultivator saw this, they each spat our their magic tools in preparation.

The stern-faced cultivator chuckled and silently slip out a milky-white jade scepter from his sleeve. He then took several steps forward and mysteriously smiled at Han Li, “Not a problem. I’ll deal with Fellow Daoist Han!”

From his point of view, holding down a cultivator that had just entered Nascent Soul stage was a trivial affair. It was far safer than attempting to confront a mid Nascent Soul cultivator.

Han Li stared at the stern-faced cultivator and remained entirely still, but when he saw that the old woman had left the stairwell, his heart began to heavily thump. He tightly grabbed onto the ancient treasure that was hidden in his sleeve.

At that moment, Marquis Nanlong swept his sleeve and sent out a mist of gold, sweeping the three jade boxes on the bed into his grasp.

“Take it!” Marquis Nanlong tossed one of the jade boxes to Han Li without any hesitation.

This action was greatly unexpected and none attempted to block it. Han Li easily caught the jade box with slight confusion on his face.

With his arms behind his back, Marquis Nanlong explained, “Since Fellow Daoist isn’t following their wretched actions, I will give this jade box to you. If the box truly contains the secrets of Devilfall Valley and Fellow Daoist is able to make it out alive, it can be considered a fated chance.”

When the others heard this, their expressions vastly changed.

Han Li glanced down at the jade box in his hand and licked his lips. He inwardly felt a desire to howl with laughte

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