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Han Li turned his head and coldly glanced at the two Core Formation cultivators that were passing by, causing them to immediately swallow their words. He didn’t recognize the two middle-aged cultivators, nor did he know which sect they belonged to.

At that moment, the shopkeeper and his two assistants had already been thoroughly forced to the ground due to their close proximity to the immense spiritual pressure. They were incapable of moving in the slightest, seeming panic-stricken, only to grow even more terrified upon hearing that Han Li was a Nascent Soul cultivator. They hurriedly tried to beg for forgiveness, but they could barely even gasp for air, let alone speak.

The surrounding cultivators all paled, while a few of the more cowardly ones had already fled in fear of being implicated.

Han Li showed consideration for Sun Huo, and the pressure had little effect on him apart from his initial recoil. But once he recognized Han Li, his expression changed before he deeply saluted him and said, “Disciple Sun Huo pays his respects to Martial Ancestor Han.”

Paying no further attention to the three men in front of him, Han Li turned around and looked at the half-torn talisman in Sun Huo’s hand. He nodded his head and said, “It seems there is no need for introductions. You already know of my identity.”

When Sun Huo recalled the rude words he spoke to Han Li at the sacred area, he felt greatly worried and humbly apologized with sincerity, “Disciple was unaware of Martial Ancestor’s true form. I hope he will forgive disciple’s arrogant words.”

Han Li looked at Sun Huo and slowly said, “I had yet to become a sect elder at that time, so of course I won’t blame you. However, that torn talisman of yours seems to have something to do with me.”

Sun Huo was stunned as something suddenly came to mind. He joyfully said, “Could this ruined talisman be...”

Han Li waved and cut him off, “Leave this matter for later.” Han Li’s eyes then narrowed as he gazed at a silver streak of light flying across the sky.

The only cultivators that were allowed to fly in Soaring Heavens City were obviously the Nine Nations Union protectors. They were responsible for keeping order during the entire duration of the trade fair.

Sun Huo didn’t dare to speak any further and obediently stood still in place. However, his heart was brimming with uncontainable excitement, and his grasp on the talisman paper grew even more careful.

At that moment, the streak of light arrived before Han Li to reveal a yellow-haired old man possessing mid Core Formation cultivation. A small golden sword was embroidered on his chest, the emblem of an enforcer.

The old man could sense Han Li’s astonishing pressure from a distance. However, this area laid within his jurisdictions. Even if there was a Nascent Soul cultivator showing their might, he had no choice but to confront them.

Once the old man spotted Han Li motionlessly standing on the road, he saluted

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