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The two high grade spell warriors at the black figure’s side whispered something as if discussing how to destroy the grand formation ahead of them. Once the two finished their discussion, the oddly tall, shriveled cultivator blurred out of side and reappeared at the side of the black-robed figure while wrapped in azure light.

“Sir Heavenweep, shall we start? The grand formation here should prove to be more powerful than the last. I’ve also heard that there should be a few Nascent Soul cultivators there. I fear that it will take quite some time.”

“There is no need for us to attack first.” tThe black-robed spell warrior shook his head. “They have already decided to emerge. Let’s first see how powerful these cultivators are before we decide what to do.” He spoke hoarsely and unclear almost as if he didn’t have a tongue, much to the unease of those who heard him.

When the lanky spell warrior heard this, he blinked in surprise and glanced down towards the green mist. As expected, a previously still area of the green mist suddenly began to roil and split into two with flickers of light that could be seen from within.

Soon after, seven streaks of light shot out from within. They circled once around in the sky before revealing themselves — they were the party of five Nascent Soul stage and two Core Formation stage cultivators.

Under the bald man’s command, there would be no low grade cultivators following them with the exception of the Core Formation cultivators from Sky Terrace Valley and Chong Xuzi.

Han Li stopped in the air and glanced across the army of spell warriors. Of course, the ten spell warriors leading them had attracted his attention, particularly the sinister black-robed figure. He wasn’t able to stare for long as he unconsciously averted his gaze.

When he saw this black-robed figure, he was immediately reminded of the Bone Sage, Xiao Cha.

‘Could it be this person was also a ghost Dao cultivator?’ Han Li’s heart trembled and he grew vastly more diligent.

Before the Bone Sage seized Crooked Soul’s body, his material form was dense with Yin and ghostly Qi. However, there was something slightly different with the black-robed figure’s aura that Han Li couldn’t describe for the time being.

As Han Li and company arrived, the spell warriors above began to stir. The spell warrior with the python wrapped around him suddenly transformed into a huge ball of light as it shot down towards the cultivators. When Han Li and company saw this, they coldly watched in silence, revealing not a single trace of panic.

So long as that spell warrior wasn’t seeking his own death, he wouldn’t dare to take the initiative to attack alone. As a result, the group of cultivators simply watched with hostile gazes as the huge fireball arrived twenty meters away from them. The flames emitted a scorching heat even from a distance, to the alarm of the many cultivators before them.

A silhouette leaked through the flames, followe

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