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Han Li wore a miserable expression and said, “When this Martial Nephew went out to purchase a few items, I encountered a Senior with an unfathomable cultivation, he wanted to me to give something to Martial Ancestor Nangong. He even placed a restriction on my body, saying that only Martial Ancestor Nangong would be able to dispel it.”

The pale-skinned cultivator asked bewilderedly, “Senior!? Was he a Core Formation cultivator?”

Continuing his dejected expression, he helplessly said, “This... Martial Nephew isn’t sure. But this cultivator stated that he was an old friend of Martial Ancestor Nangong and wished to send her a congratulatory gift, having heard that he grand celebration was drawing near. There are still some things that I have to personally say to her.”

“An old friend of Martial Ancestor? Could he also be a Nascent Soul Senior?” This time, the burly cultivator had spoken with alarm.

After the pale-skinned cultivator recovered from his surprise, he doubtfully said, “It is possible, but since Senior was already there, why didn’t he personally arrive at the mountain and present the gift?”

“Who knows! Maybe this Senior has some of other matters to attend to, or maybe he finds it inconvenient,” after a few of his musings, the burly cultivate bluntly said, “Martial Nephew Yuan, extend your hand and let us see the restriction on your body!”

Having expected this, Han Li calmly extended his arm towards him and surged spiritual power throughout his power, simulating a bizarre magic power restriction on his body.

The burly cultivator grabbed onto Han Li’s arm and revealed astonishment after sensing it for a short moment. The pale-skinned cultivator also curiously placed two of his fingers on Han Li’s arm. Not long after, he wore a similar expression on his face.

The pale-skinned cultivator eased his expression and his tone grew less harsh, “That’s right, a fearsome restriction has been placed on your body. From the degree of its complexity, it appears to have been laid down by a Nascent Soul cultivator. However, we cannot allow you to easily climb the mountain on this alone. First, take out the congratulatory gift. One of us will take it to Martial Ancestor Nangong and see whether or not this person is truly an old friend of hers.

If Martial Ancestor is willing to see you, you can climb the mountain. Do you understand, Martial Nephew Yuan?”

When Han Li heard this, he wore a bitter expression, but after some thought, he nodded his head.

Han Li took out a long wooden box from his storage pouch and handed it over to him. He anxiously added, “This is fine. However, Martial Uncle must clearly explain the matter of the restriction placed down on my body!”

The lid of the wooden box had a faint silver restriction talisman placed on top of it. From its spiritual Qi fluctuations, it appeared to be quite importantly. It was clear to see this was to prevent anybody from opening the box as it was delivered.

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