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When the two acknowledged Han Li, he felt an indescribable feeling well up inside him. After a moment of silence, he slowly said, “On the year I left the village to pursue the Dao, I didn’t expect for the Han Clan to become such an influential clan. It seems the saying is true. The affairs of the world are truly hard to predict! Stand up, you two. With the many years I haven’t returned home, I can be considered a complete stranger to the Han Clan. There is no need to be so polite.”

The middle-aged scholar stood up and spoke with great reverence, “Great Uncle’s words are untrue. Had we unfilial descendants known that you were still alive, we would’ve certainly sent men to fulfill our filial duties.”

Han Li waved his arm and calmly said, “Filial duties! There is no need. I’ve come only to take a look. I won’t be staying long. As a pursuer of Immortality, it is better for me to have fewer ties to the mortal world.”

The scholar spoke with alarm, “Great Uncle, you are leaving so soon? Will you not stay awhile and take a look at the other Han Clan juniors in the castle?”

Han Li sighed and regretfully said, “When I arrived, I flew over the Han Clan Castle and swept my spiritual sense past everyone inside. Unfortunately, while there are many Han Clan members none of them possess any spiritual roots. They have no fate with me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind taking one or two clan descendants along with me on the path of cultivation.”

A trace of disappointment appeared on the scholar’s face as he bitterly smiled, “It seems despite our clan’s prosperity, none have the fate to follow Great Uncle on the path of Immortality.”

Han Li shook his head and said, “Only those who possess spiritual roots may become Immortal cultivators. Such a person might not even appear once among ten thousand. For the several hundred Han Clan members to possess no spiritual roots is to be expected. Besides, from the way I see it, it would still be better for the Li and Han Clan to remain out of the cultivation world. As of current, the cultivation world is chaotic where even entire clan exterminations are possible. It would be terrible if the Han Clan were to be implicated.”

The scholar was initially surprised and sincerely replied, “This one acknowledges all Fourth Great Uncle has said.”

Han Li’s gaze then turned to the large man with thick facial hair, “Which generation of Li Feiyu’s descendants are you? What’s your name?”

The large man hurriedly bowed his head and replied, “Junior is Li Feng. I am an eleventh generation descendant of Li Feiyu. I pay my respects to Great Uncle Han.”

“Given the close relationship I had with Lei Feiyu back then, I find it acceptable for you to call me ‘Great Uncle’. You were rather protective of Tianxiao just now. It seems in these past years the Li Clan has shown our Han Clan much consideration. As the younger brother of the Han Clan Ancestor, I naturally won’t treat you unfairly. Here are some medicine pills,

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