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Although Han Yunzhi felt slight regret at her previous decision, she knew there was nothing she could do about it now. She could only put away the jade disk with a sigh. She then spat out a translucent, glowing pearl. The pearl revolved once around her and then fell onto the large bird’s head, rigidly staying in position without any movement.

The woman clutched her hands in an incantation gesture and pointed to the pearl with a solemn expression. As the pearl released a blinding radiance, the bird raised its head and cawed. With a shake of its wings, the giant white bird left a trail of white light in its wake, shooting forward with even greater speed.

Han Yunzhi didn’t cease using the technique, and her complexion paled as a result. It was obvious this secret technique sapped much of her vitality, but given how dire the current circumstances were, she had no choice but to make use of it.

Not long after she made use of this secret technique she suddenly heard rumbles of thunder. Alarm appeared on her face, knowing that the Nascent Soul cultivator had finally caught up to her. She had already reached the greatest speed she could muster. There was nothing else she could do apart from hastily covering herself in a barrier; in order to easily enter Core Formation, she had previously cultivated a cultivation technique lacking any powerful abilities.

With two further claps of thunder, an arc of silver lightning flashed at the woman’s side. A winged silhouette appeared about forty meters ahead of her, while an azure light obscured the man’s face. The man wordlessly raised his arm, summoning several streaks of blinding azure light.

Han Yunzhi revealed an expression of despair and closed her eyes in the face of certain death.

“Yi! It’s you.” When the silhouette clearly saw Han Yunzhi’s appearance, he shouted out in surprise. The light from his arm dimmed in an instant.

Han Yunzhi was baffled by this. When she thought to examine the other party’s appearance, his figure flickered with silver light and disappeared. Han Yunzhi was at a loss for a moment, but when she heard thunder roar from behind her, she regained clarity of mind.

Just as the woman thought to hastily turn around, her light barrier was shattered, followed by the strike of a sliver of golden lightning.

Han Yunzhi suddenly felt herself turn numb and her limp body fell off the bird. At that same moment, she felt as if she were being carried in a man’s embrace. With shameful fury stirring inside her, she fell unconscious.

Han Li glanced at the woman in his bosom and wryly smiled with a trace of helplessness.


After an unknown amount of time passed, Han Yunzhi slowly opened her eyes to a blue, cloudless sky. She then glanced around in alarm and hurriedly stood up, discovering that she was currently at some small mountain.

Her large white bird was crouching nearby as if it had lost consciousness.

Han Yunzhi hastily walked over to take a l

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