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Han Li momentarily frowned upon hearing the voice transmission.

Han Li calmly ordered, “Silvermoon, release the restrictions and have the two Drifting Cloud Sect Elders enter. I’ll have to speak with them sooner or later. However, do not reveal yourself after releasing the restrictions. While you may be an expert in concealment and illusions as a fox, your demonic Qi has no bearing towards Nascent Soul cultivators.”

“Yes, Master.” Silvermoon respectfully replied and walked out with light steps.

A short moment later, the mountain’s scenery underwent a sudden change. The ordinary, small mountain suddenly revealed itself to be enveloped in large mist of azure light. The mist possessed an imposing aura and contained floating talisman characters. It was clear to be the product of ferocious restrictions.

The two Nascent Soul cultivators glanced at one another and couldn’t help but wryly smile. This vagrant cultivator had placed down such grand spell formations when opening a cave residence in the Drifting Cloud Sect, and they, the sect’s masters, were unable to perceive it in the slightest. It would be a great loss of face when mentioned. At the very least, it was unavoidable to be made fun of by their peers.

At that moment, Han Li’s voice came out from the mist, “I, Han Li, borrowed your esteemed sect’s land to cultivate and had yet to inform you. While my actions were imprudent, I hope you two won’t take offense. Please come in, I will soon release the restrictions. ” His words were spoken with a polite and smooth tone.

The silver-haired old man smiled as if he didn’t take the slightest offense over the matter and said,“Haha! What is Fellow Daoist saying? It can be seen to be our sect’s fortune that you’ve formed a Nascent Soul here. How could we be offended? We actually came here in such a hurry that we’ve forgotten to prepare you a congratulatory gift for forming a Nascent Soul. We are somewhat embarrassed.”

Han Li calmly replied, “Fellow Daoist is quite funny. I am the one deeply grateful to be able to form a Nascent Soul here.” Once this was said, the azure mist intensely trembled several times to reveal a ten meter wide passageway.

Having seen this, the two walked inside without the slightest hesitation, arriving before a stone gate an instant later. The stone gate was wide open and had an azure-robed youth standing before it with a slight smile. He appeared twenty years of age and possessed an ordinary appearance.

“Fellow Daoists, please come in!” Han Li welcomed the two into his cave residence with a smile.

“Sorry to trouble you.” The two saluted Han Li before following him inside.

Soon after, the azure mist roiled and the passageway disappeared, restoring the restriction to its original form.

Although the two felt this, they didn’t feel worried about this in the slightest since they were still inside the Drifting Cloud Sect, the territory they controlled.

The two followed Han Li through a

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