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The others didn’t perceive Du Dong’s small movements, but Han Li did. He had spread out his spiritual sense earlier to observe his surroundings in case of any contingencies.

Although Du Dong appeared to be meditating, his lips trembled. He was clearly speaking through voice transmission to a conspirator in the room.

Fearing that he would alarm Dong Du, Han Li didn’t forcefully eavesdrop. Instead, he swept his spiritual sense for any hidden cultivators and ended up finding nothing out of the ordinary.

Han Li’s mind quickly stirred and his gaze swept past several people. For a while, he was unable to determine who the suspect was. But Han Li then heard Silvermoon’s voice in his mind.

“Brother Han, the Spirit Well Tree’s light barrier reaches underground as well. Although I have a way for forcing through it, I cannot guarantee that it won’t disturb the Core Formation cultivator within the barrier. Should I break through?” Silvermoon softly said.

Han Li replied without a moment of thought, “Don’t rashly take action! Force will only be used as a last resort. I reckon that in the chaos soon to come, there will be an opportunity to take action. Come back for now.”

Silvermoon obeyed and silently returned into Han Li’s body. He then closed his eyes and did nothing else apart from taking note of Du Dong’s actions.

After an unknown amount time had passed, Du Dong ceased speaking and he raised his hand while glancing around with a strange expression.

Han Li’s heart trembled. Just as he wondered whether or not he was about to take action, Du Dong unexpectedly lowered his head once more. Nothing seemed to have occurred, leaving Han Li baffled.

At that moment, a huge quake violently reverberated throughout the cave. All the meditating cultivators suddenly opened their eyes in alarm and they glanced at each other in astonishment.

The grey-clothed old man and the other two Core Formation cultivators revealed a trace of astonishment, but the yellow-clothed cultivator frowned and hastily walked towards the stone gate. However, before he even arrived the door opened to reveal the long-faced cultivator Hu walking in with a sullen expression.

“Senior Hu, what happened?” The yellow-clothed cultivator hastily asked.

The long-faced old man replied with a blood-thirsty tone, “This place was attacked! A group of concealed cultivators attacked the spell formation outside the valley. Not only are they all Core Formation cultivators, but there also seems to be a Nascent Soul eccentric among them. It seems they aren’t from the Righteous Dao Alliance, but the Six Devil Dao Sects. The other powers wouldn’t take such bold, heavy actions. Senior Lan has already left to take charge of the spell formation, you must follow me and support the defense. Leave behind Senior Martial Brother Wei. As for these disciples, postpone the matter of the Brightsight water for now. Fellow Daoist Yue, bring these disciples to a safe room. Senior Mart

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