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When Han Li quietly returned to the safe room, he discovered that the young disciples were still unconscious, lying disorderly around the floor.

Although their aptitudes were exceptional, they were still only low grade disciples. It was no surprise as to why they were overlooked during the moment of the climax of the battle.

Silvermoon had already transformed into Han Li, lying on the floor in an unconscious state. When she saw that he arrived, she immediately turned back into a fox and leaped into Han Li’s sleeve.

Silvermoon chuckled and asked, “How was it? Did you acquire it? By the way, nobody came. It seems Fellow Daoist was being overly careful!”

Han Li insipidly said, “It went smoothly! However, it was still better to be careful than to allow myself to be revealed.”

Silvermoon easily changed the topic and worriedly asked, “However, how will Brother Han explain his survival? This seems to be quite troublesome.”

“How I will explain it? Just say the truth!” Han Li appeared to not take this matter very seriously and spoke carelessly.

“The truth?” Silvermoon spoke with bewilderment.

As if having already thought of this, Han Li calmly explained, “I’ll just say that I previously bought a high grade illusion talisman and used it to save my life. Those who aren’t skilled in the Dao of Illusions should be none the wiser and will take the excuse at face value.”

Silvermoon soon chuckled, “Not bad. That is a rather good excuse.”

The following moments were rather simple. After half a day, a yellow-clothed cultivator walked into the safe room with a solemn expression.

Seeing that all the disciples were unconscious, he sighed and formed an incantation gesture with his hands. With a flick of his finger, a streak of white light flew into each of the cultivator’s bodies.

It was clear that the technique used to knock them out wasn’t profound in the slightest. After a short moment, each of them regained consciousness and saw that the yellow-clothed cultivators had taken the place of Du Dong and Cultivator Bai. They grew relaxed in an instant.

Of course, when they saw that Han Li was intact and unharmed, they were greatly frightened. But Han Li soon took out an illusion talisman and gave an explanation that he had prepared in advance.

As expected, considering that few delved deeply into the Dao of Illusions, mostly no one raised any suspicions. As for the yellow-clothed cultivator, he merely glanced at Han Li in surprise and didn’t further ask about it.

But for Sun Huo and Mu Peiling, they both wore a trace of doubt. After all, Du Dong had spoken to Han Li from the very start and even attacked Han Li immediately after revealing himself. It had left quite the impression on them.

Han Li wasn’t particularly worried about their doubts. Since the two didn’t have any proof, what could they possibly say? Besides, Du Dong’s sudden attack was by no means a sign of friendliness!

With the absence of the

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