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The small green silhouette hadn’t taken the slightest damage from Han Li’s strike and sneered at him.

Han Li scoffed, “It’s too early to be proud. If you truly wish to devour my Nascent Soul, it’s going to take more than a few arrogant words. If I guessed correctly, you can only consume the souls of low grade cultivators. To speak of consuming a cultivator’s Nascent Soul is pure fantasy. Perhaps you might’ve been able to do this in the past, but as of current you're far too weak and are only capable of assuming that strange form of yours. Enough rubbish, let’s see how you fare against these flying swords.” These words caused the small silhouette’s expression to vastly change, revealing malice from its eyes.

At that moment, Han Li pointed to the flying swords spiraling above him, and with a clear ring, twelve of the flying swords shot forward as streaks of azure light.

The small green silhouette stood in place with a sullen expression, as the dozen of azure swordlights spiraled around it and sliced its body up into countless pieces. However, these pieces simply remained floating in the air, shimmering with faint light, muchto Han Li's surprise.

Suddenly, a bewildering chuckle rang out, as the floating pieces flashed with light before joining together asthe small silhouette in its original form.

“Tch tch! Not bad, not bad! Your set of flying swords must’ve been refined from Golden Lightning Bamboo. Although I don’t know how you acquired so much of it, it truly is ridiculous to think of injuring me with those swords alone. You will come to know that my words aren’t born of arrogance.”

The silhouette seemed to have been completely infuriated by Han Li’s previous words, anditformed an incantation gesture with its hands as a blinding green radiance shined forth as it was about to unleash a technique. But before it could fully finish casting its technique, bright light flashed from above its head as the twelve flying swords simultaneously pulsed with lightning and formed a dense net of golden lightning that charged towards it.

“Humph! This junior still won’t give up! Did I not say that the divine lightning has no effect on me... Wait, what are you doing?!” The girlish voice became shrill as if it grew frightened.

The net of golden lightning didn't explode as it had anticipated. Instead, the net remained firm when it caught the small silhouette, and it unceasingly tightened around its body. The small silhouette knew that this was far from good, and its body flickered with green light in its utmost attempt to resist. However, its struggle was in vain as it was soon trapped in a large golden ball.

When Han Li saw this, he couldn’t help but wryly smile.

This net of Divine Devilbane Lightning was a technique that was founded by Han Li!

Because Golden Lightning Bamboo was exceedingly rare, only one or two stalks would be used in the formation of a magic tool. On top of that, since they had a limited amount of divi

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