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The crowd outside the light barrier roared in amazement.

Even the bald judge gazed at the youth with an odd expression. After a short moment, he loudly announced, “The Drifting Cloud Sect’s Han Li is victorious!”

Han Li bowed to the judge with a calm expression and walked out of the light barrier.

Soon after, two Ancient Sword Sect disciples rushed onto the stage and and carried off their unconscious sect member.

The short old man surnamed Jiang stared at the stage in disbelief and then grimaced.

Although he knew there would be a few unorthodox tactics in a competition between low grade disciples, he absolutely didn’t expect talismans to be used in such a manner. He had teased the red-robed old man earlier because he held high hopes for this disciple, but he didn’t expect for it to backfire. A moment later, an embarrassed expression appeared on the man’s face and he gloomily keep silent.

Old Man Fu couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of Han Li’s battle, “Brother Duan, that disciple of yours is truly quite interesting. He used up many spirit stones worth of talismans. Although it was quite the trick, it must’ve taken quite a bit of practice in order to simultaneously use so many fireball talismans at once. Ordinary disciples would find it quite difficult to do.”

The red-robed old man was immensely pleased with the Ancient Sword Sect’s Jiang Yun’s deflated appearance, but he played down the victory with half-truths, “It’s nothing! This disciple of ours is a talisman refinement expert. Attacking with talismans should come naturally to him. However, even I am somewhat surprised for him to use so many talisman at once.”

Jiang Yun resentfully muttered, “Humph! He’s only capable of using many talismans at once. Now, the others will know of his tricks. In the later rounds, this disciple of yours will definitely be defeated.”

The red-robed old man chuckled and said, “Is that so?”

The azure-robed scholarly man glanced at Han Li down below and casually nodded his head, “However, I think that this disciple’s movement techniques is a body lightening technique from the mortal world. How else would he have so quickly caught Martial Nephew Yao off guard?”

“Fellow Daoist Bai has seen through it as well! This disciple of ours was once a vagrant cultivator and has learned many mixed techniques. It is very much our sect’s embarrassment!”

The scholarly man smiled and said, “Not at all. Long ago, I also held somewhat of an interest in mortal martial arts and studied them a bit. Although these martial arts have no use to high grade cultivators, in the hands of a skillful Qi Condensation cultivator they will greatly add to their might. Furthermore, this disciple of yours seem extremely practiced in his techniques as if he has experienced many battles. It isn’t unfair for our own disciple to have lost against him.”

As the three sects’ experts calmly continued their discussion, the bald referee from the Hundred Poss

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