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The two men were Han Li and Elder Lu who had traveled from the State of Xi. As for the beautiful female cultivator, she was Han Li’s concubine, Mu Peiling.

The silver-haired old man had stayed behind to keep watch over the Drifting Cloud Sect, preventing any sneaks from stirring up trouble while they were away. According to what the old man said, he had already participated in this grand meeting about eight times and had no materials that he currently required. Naturally, he wanted to give the opportunity to his younger Junior Martial Brothers instead.

As for Mu Peiling, she had reached a cultivation bottleneck and encountered Han Li when she left seclusion. When she heard that he was heading to the largest trade meet in the Heavenly South, her heart stirred and she asked to come alongside him to broaden her horizons. After all, if she were incapable of reaching Core Formation, this may be the only chance she had to participate in this trade meet.

Since he wasn’t unkind by nature and didn’t feel this trade meet to be particularly dangerous, he agreed. After all, having a beautiful companion along on a long trip was a delightful matter.

Naturally, the three sects of the Dreamcloud Mountains had their own parties of cultivators that set off towards the trade meet, but Han Li was unwilling to travel together with those juniors and had left for the State of Yu ahead of them.

By travelling along the route that best avoided the countries of the Righteous and Devil Dao, the three were able to arrive within the borders of the Nine Nations Union without problem.

At that moment, Han Li was absentmindedly examining his nearby surroundings. There were cultivators that occasionally passed by, but when their spiritual sense swept past the middle-aged man surnamed Lu and then Han Li, their expressions displayed shock and they immediately veered off, fearing that they would somehow provoke them.

Han Li and Elder Lu were travelling with their cultivation unconcealed. Any cultivator who saw two Nascent Soul cultivators travelling together would be filled with fear and immediately take another route.

At the beginning, Mu Peiling was unaccustomed to this, but it soon became a common sight.

As the party continued to fly through the skies, Elder Lu turned to Han Li and amiably said, “The trade meet is only held only once every hundred years. Previously these trade meets were alternated among the Righteous and Devilish Dao between the States of Tian Luo and Feng Dou. At the time, the Heavenly Dao Alliance still hadn’t existed and the Nine Nations Union was fully suppressed by the Moulan Spell Warriors. As such, this astonishingly profitable gathering was monopolized by the two sides. But after the Righteous and Devilish Dao expanded, neither party felt at ease at having the other party host the trade meeting. As such, the last trade meet was held in the Nine Nations Union without any contest, a loss to both sides that was a great c

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