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With a muffled thump, the large man’s fist struck Han Li’s back. The large man was stunned, but his face vastly changed upon seeing an azure light flicker from Han Li’s body. As the man attempted to land another blow, he was sent flying.

The middle-aged scholar instantly revealed an expression of amazement.

Just as the large man’s enormous frame fell, his body suddenly slowed and he landed on his feet as if he was light as a feather. He appeared completely uninjured.

“Brother Li, are you alright? Did you sustain any internal injuries?” Although the scholarly man possessed little strength, he knew there were many ways that Jianghu Martial Arts could injure without any external signs. As such, he revealed worry.

The large man surnamed Li took a deep breath and felt that his body had no injuries. He couldn’t help but whisper in bewilderment, “It’s nothing, I am fine. His skills are unfathomable, but it doesn’t seem he’s hostile.”

When the scholarly man heard this, he nodded and felt slightly more at ease. He then turned his gaze to Han Li and serenely said, “Great warrior, I am the Han Clan Master, Han Tianxiao. Did this great warrior come here specifically for me?”

“The Han Clan Master?” Han Li slowly turned around.

“Ah, you...”


“Humph! What did your esteemed self mean by that?”

Before Han Li could speak, the scholar and the large man couldn’t help but cry out in alarm upon seeing Han Li’s appearance. The scholarly man soon thought of something and his expression grew sullen.

After the large man recovered from his alarm, he also came to a realization and wore an ill expression.

“You recognize me?” Han Li asked with a frown. He glanced at the two and found that the two seemed faintly familiar. However, he left the matter alone with a wry smile in his heart.

The scholarly man stared at Han Li and deliberately said word by word, “Your esteemed self asks despite knowing the answer? Your appearance resembles that of our Han Clan’s Fourth Great Uncle. Why wouldn’t I recognize you?”

‘Fourth Great Uncle?’ When Han Li heard this, he wore a mysterious smile. Since he was the fourth eldest amongst his siblings, it was naturally referring to him. However, it was unclear how they would know of his current appearance since he hadn’t met face to face with any of his relatives ever since he left when he was small.

Han Li smiled and said, “Oh? When did I say that I waslikeyour Fourth Great Uncle? Couldn’t this just be my natural appearance?”

The scholarly man quickly grew angry and he coldy said, “There are many similar faces in this world, but not only does your face bear a striking resemblance, here you are in the Han Clan’s ancestral hall. What else does that leave for your esteemed self?”

Han Li’s expression relaxed and he said with an impressed tone, “Your reply is spot on! You are worthy of being an official of the royal court. The Han Clan’s current prosperity is undoubtedly

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